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INTERVIEW: Jonathon Barwick, Taberah – April 2014

| 15 April 2014 | Reply

INTERVIEW: Jonathon Barwick, Taberah – April 2014
By Shayne McGowan

Let’s be honest, when you think of Tasmanian rock or metal bands, there aren’t many that instantly spring to mind… I’ve actually been giving it some thought, and Psycroptic are the only band that I can think of, but that could be changing very soon…

After touring with the likes of Motorhead, and releasing an absolutely flawless album in “Necromancer”, Taberah have the talent and potential to become a worldwide powerhouse, and put Tasmania, and indeed Australia back on the heavy metal map.

Taberah 01

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Taberah vocalist/guitarist Jonathon Barwick, about the past, present and future of the band, and this is what he had to say.

Shayne: Tell us how Taberah came together.

Jonathon: I met Tom when I auditioned for a band he was in when we were like 12-13. I soloed over the top of everything they played. I didn’t get invited back haha! Eventually we realised we both wanted to make the same kind of music so we started jamming regularly at school, then out of school then BOOM! We were 16 and got offered our first real gig.

Shayne: Where does the name Taberah come from/what does it mean?

Jonathon: It’s Hebrew for ablaze/burning. I went looking in the bible (not for all life’s answers) for a band name and I found one.

Shayne: Who are your main influences and inspirations?

Jonathon: There are a handful of bands that all four of us love to death – AC/DC, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, Iron Maiden & Edguy. We’ve all got our own different influences and such but those bands really make our nuts tingle in unison.

Taberah 02

Shayne: You have managed to share the stage with quite a few well known bands. What has been your favourite experience?

Jonathon: On the road you meet certain bands that you really click with on all levels. This comradery lays the foundation for those great shows. Obviously Motörhead stands out as the biggest name we’ve run with but the lesser known bands are actually the “best bands” we’ve played with. I always know I’m in for a good time when we run with dudes like Lord, The Deep End, Electrik Dynamite, Darker Half, Soulforge – sorry to any other legends I missed.

Shayne: Who would you like to share the stage with?

Jonathon: The Darkness, Edguy & Iron Maiden.

Taberah - Necromancer cover

Shayne: When Lemmy himself hand picks you to open for Motorhead, what is the first reaction?

Jonathon: I got told over the phone just as my shift at work started – all I wanted to do was jump up and down on the spot like a kid but I had to be boring for the whole day haha! The excitement set in when I got home and saw Myles. I came crashing through the door screaming Iron Fist, then he joined me in a celebratory wrestle on the floor.

Taberah - Live ish cover

Shayne: Did you get to meet the great man, and did he offer you any advice?

Jonathon: yeah we were chatting Mikee Dee just before they went on. Lemmy joined the chat for a moment, just long enough for each of us to wish him a good show and a handshake. That’s all we wanted really, didn’t want to cramp his style too much haha!

Shayne: Your current album, Necromancer, has really grabbed me. What has been the feedback on the album so far?

Jonathon: A lot better than the first one! We’ve been doing these songs live for ages now, so I guess you could say the hype is catching up to us.

Shayne: How does Necromancer differ from The Light of Which I Dream?

Jonathon: We wrote the stuff on The Light when we were kids and recorded it with little to no know how. Thank god for Joe Haley – he really knows how to polish a turd haha! With Necro, we knew how we wanted to sound. We knew the material was better and closer to what we want to do. The next one will be even better.

Shayne: Do you think that your first recording experiences helped to make Necromancer a better record?

Jonathon: More than I could ever express! For one, I did the vocals of an evening on Necromancer. I had to do The Light vocals of a morning. I don’t recommend it – you can hear the difference vocally between the two records.

Taberah 03

Shayne: Where do your lyrical inspirations come from, particularly on a song like 2012?

Jonathon: I’m always writing. If it’s one line, a good chorus idea or a whole song – I write it down immediately. I get lots of ideas from movies, video games and world around me in general. The idea for 2012 came observing the human race’s ability to generate mass hysteria with little to no proof to back it up since the beginning of time. I don’t understand religion – and believe me, I’ve tried.

Shayne: You’re about to embark on a few shows with LORD. What can somebody that has never seen Taberah live (like me) expect from your show?

Jonathon: music, with lyrics! Well live we’re a rock n roll band. Our show has been compared to Airbourne, The Darkness and bands of the like – we have fun. We don’t flash horns and call upon the warriors of metal to summon the gods to fight for the true and all of that horseshit. It’s rock n roll, it’s meant to be fun.

Shayne: Do you have plans to tour overseas?

Jonathon: Yes, we’ll be announcing our first international shows later this year.

Shayne: You guys travel a lot for your gigs. Is relocation from Tasmania to Sydney or Melbourne on the cards, or are you happy where you are?

Jonathon: Yeah mate we play the mainland more than most mainland bands do! Haha! Yeah we have spoken about it, but the planets haven’t aligned yet. They might one day.

Shayne: Aside from the shows with LORD, what’s next for Taberah?

Jonathon: National tours, international tours, more albums and world domination! Thanks for your time!

Shayne: Thank you.



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