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CD Review – Thunder God Of The Multiverse – Peaks Of Blissful Nonsense

| 6 November 2013 | Reply

Thunder Gods Of The Multiverse
Peaks Of Blissful Nonsense
Independant, April 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Thunder God Of The Multiverse - Peaks Of Blissful Nonsense CD

This is some trippy shit.

Not trippy as in space rock or a Yes concept album from the 70’s, but trippy in a way that any 6 “songs and 6 tracks of narration outlining the story of one man’s journey through loneliness, psychedelics and schizophrenia” cannot avoid being.

The Blythe brothers, Leon and Oliver, from Northern New South Wales, cast their prog-steeped epic with iron-riveted riffing and epically over-the-top Devin Townsend-like guitar madness.

Resolutely uncommercial and uncompromising, Peaks Of Blissful Nonsense is a work of art in the purest sense, made not from desire but from a burning need to express it’s creators’ story without pandering to audience expectations. Despite such wilful commercial suicide, the melodies and power of the likes of Koala La and Futon are undeniable, and descending into the wild-eyed world of the Blythes is in some ways a rewarding experience.

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