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CD REVIEW: ONE – World’s Collide

| 3 April 2014 | Reply


Label: Pavement Entertainment, Inc.

Release Date: April 1, 2014

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There is something to be said about a straight up rock record – nothing flashy or edgy – just Rock N’ Fucking Roll.  This is exactly what you get one the latest from One.  “Tomorrow’s Not Too Late” has the cool riffs, just enough feedback, and vocals that are gruff enough to grab you and not let go.  The entire track is solid from the bass to the drums to the guitar leads.  “Queen Of Rock N’ Roll is another track that features a straight shot of rock without any watered down guitars or vocals.  The drums on this track stand out due to the cool fills and rhythm changes at the chorus.  “Shes Bad” is a chugging rocker that allows the guitars to play around a bit with pings, squeals, and other fun effects while the drummer gives us plenty of fills and cymbals to listen to.  ‘Sound’s Good.  Fuck You.’ opens the title track ‘World’s Collide.”  This mid tempo rocker seems heavy without being too aggressive or overpowering.  The vocals and guitars play well together on this track and keep the pace of the record on track.  Picking up the tempo with “Daddy (Don’t Wanna Be Like You),” the band adds another weapon to it arsenal of rockers that have tons of attitude and allow each band member to contribute without washing out the other instruments.  “We Are One” helps bring the original material to a close as strong as the disc started off.  There are a few moments on this and other tracks that mirror a solid Volbeat sound, but the comparison ends there.  This is a solid track that does the band proud.

“Dirty Little Secret” comes out of the gate and features the coolest bass line as the verse approaches.  The pace is fast and furious without losing track of what the band does best – rock.  “Never Live For Yesterday” is a slow tempo rocker that keeps its head in a ballad groove without turning to an acoustic guitar or piano interlude.  On this track and others like “I Want You To Know,” the vocals really pull this track along and give it an added punch.  The latter features muted guitars and heavy handed drumming that give this a rock feel without losing its identity as a cool ballad-ish track.  “If You Could Only See” is a mid tempo track that could fall to either side of the record with regards to ballads and rockers.  The song gives us a poppier feel with the rock without going Top 40 or acoustic.  “Livin A Lie” gives us back a little more guitar sound and some cool riffs that mesh well against the vocals and pacing of the rhythm section.  This track has a cool vibe that should come across well live, where “Days Gone By” would be a venue full of lighters high in the air.  The guitars are turned down and kick in with punch when needed to accentuate the vocals at the chorus.  An added bonus is a killer version of the Johnny Cash track “Folsom Prison Blues.”  The chugging guitars, pounding bass line, and rhythmic drums make the track, while the vocals give it a modern twist that make this one of the better covers out there.  Worlds Collide is right – the worlds of solid rock and killer roll.  This is one album to look for on a lot of year end Best Of lists… I know it will be on mine!

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