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| 14 August 2015 | Reply


Label: F-Bomb Records

Release Date: August 21, 2015

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

These five ROCK ‘N’ ROLLers never cease to amaze me.  Whenever Josh, Keith, Stevie, Xavier, and Kelly get together, I know we are getting some of the sexiest, funkiest, sleaziest rock available today, along with a killer ballad or two.  Disc opener “Bring It On Back” kicks things off in the right direction with killer riffs and solos, those familiar vocals, and a killer bottom end that anchors the track.  From the heavy groove from the bass to the chunky guitar-filled choruses and bridges.  “Tight Pants” follows the discs lead single and this is one of the most funk-filled tracks the band has released to date, courtesy of some sexy horns and a party vibe that worked its way into the lyrics and vocals, compliments of Josh Todd’s vocals and a great set of solos at the bridge.  “The Feeling Never Dies” is a cool ballad that allows Josh to sing his ass off without going over the top.  The steady bass lines from Kelly LeMieux help keep the track from running down the tracks.  “The Madness” features some of the best guitar work on the disc from Keith Nelson and Stevie D.  The drums work to keep up and fill and clear the path for a killer set of vocals.  This track is vintage Buckcherry and will stand the test of time alongside the rest of the bands catalog.  “Rain’s Falling” features a slowed down Buckcherry, complete with a funky guitar lines and some of the coolest fills and drum work from Xavier Muriel.  His playing matches the cool guitar and bass lines, along with Josh’s emotionally charged vocals.

“Wish To Carry On” brings the heat with some chugging riffs and a great tempo, thanks to the drums and bass on the track.  Todd’s vocals really match the mood of the lyrics and deliver a killer upbeat track.  “Cradle” perfectly marries the vocals with the intensity of the guitars.  The different styles woven into this track help it stand out from other tracks without sounding misplaced.  “Wood” brings a cool vibe to the disc, with wall of sound style background vocals and fun guitars from Nelson and Dacanay, especially at the bridge.  The lyrics are priceless and sit up against other tracks from the bands long list of killer songs.  “Sex Appeal” brings a sexy swagger with its full guitars, pounding bass, and charged drums.  The vocals complete the mix and make this a cool track that should go over well in a live scenario.  Disc closer “Get With It” is a punk infused rocker that shows off each of the members strengths, from the guitar work to the vocals and the tight rhythm section.  The groove of this song keeps the fun intact and the rock quality high.  I cannot wait to see these guys play these songs live on their upcoming tour – this is sure to be a ROCK ‘N’ ROLL filled run of dates!

Tracklisting: Bring It On Back – Tight Pants – Wish To Carry On – The Feeling Never Dies – Cradle – The Madness – Wood – Rain’s Falling – Sex Appeal – Get With It





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