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CD REVIEW: LACUNA COIL – Broken Crown Halo

| 1 April 2014 | Reply


Label: Century Media

Release Date: April 1, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Some bands never change, some bands change too much, and others change just enough to keep it interesting.  The latest from Lacuna Coil falls into the latter of these situations.  “Nothing Stands In Our Way” kicks the disc off and the door open in typical fashion for these rockers, with aggressive guitars and killer dual vocals from Cristina and Andrea.  Following suit, “Zombie” gives up more guitar work that is over the top and full of attitude, which perfectly matches the vocals Andrea launches on us as the verse sets in.  “Die & Rise” is a straight forward rocker that allows the band to do what they do best – the vocals are crisp, guitars full of riffs, and the rhythm section anchors this track with authority.  “Infection” is self-predicting, as this song has an infectious groove that is created by the duet of chugging guitar riffs and keyboards that are allowed to rock out.  The vocals invade the song and give it a different feel.  “I Burn In You” is another track that features a different vocal approach than has been used on most Lacuna Coil tracks.  The keyboards and guitars lend themselves to this shift as well, and seem to give the vocals wings to soar above the musical interludes.  “In The End I Feel Alive” is typical fare for the band, but seems fresh at the same time.  The aggressive bass and pounding drums really give this track a cool bottom end that helps drive the track.

“Hostage To The Light” starts off a bit mellow, but eases into a cool rock groove once the vocals join the rest of the band.  The chorus is full and allows Scabbia to really flaunt her vocal skills.  The way “Victims” starts off, you realize the bands music and creativity have shifted a bit from their last release, but this subdued track packs a punch without charging you out of the gate.  The way the vocals dance together on this track add depth to the song.  “I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget You)” is as close to a ballad lyrically as this band gets this go ’round.  The vocals from Cristina are some of the best she has done, and the pop punch added to the chorus gives you another new reason to love this band.  This song, if played live, should bring the roof down.  Keeping the mood stable, the next track “Cybersleep” gives us a clear look into the the bass, drums, and keyboards that have driven a lot of this disc without being overbearing.  The bass is heavy and really shines through during the bridges.  The keyboards add that ethereal sound to the track that give it another dimension, as do the drum fills that help the transitions.  “Disc closer “One Cold Day” is a fitting end to the disc, while being an even more fitting tribute to Claudio Leo, a former band member who passed away in 2013.  You can feel the loss and void in the lyrics, vocal, and even the guitars.  Broken Crown Halo demonstrates once and for all this band is no one-trick pony musically.

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