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| 5 October 2022 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: October 3, 2022

Rating: 90%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Let’s be clear — prog rock is not something I listen to on a regular basis… as a matter of fact, most times I steer clear but something about this EP drew me to listen (probably the Italian connection as my favorite singer is Ligabue) and I am glad I did.  This EP has longer and shorter tracks but never seems to drone on or passing by fleetingly.  Disc opener “Ocean Lies” is more mainstream rocks with elements of symphonic metal thrown in and twinges of prog rock sprinkled across the top.  The song gets the foot tapping and head banging from first listen and doesn’t let up with each additional listening.  The time changes between verses, choruses, and bridges are the biggest tip of the cap to the bands prog leanings.  “Ray of Light” unfolds with some beautiful guitar work that supports the entire track from opening to closing note.  The vocals are strong and perfectly accentuate the track.  The heavy handed drumming and thumping bass lines supply a killer foundation for the track.  The layered vocals thrown into the mix across the choruses and verses add depth to the song.  This has an unmistakable prog rock feel on the transitions from chorus to verse.  Be sure to check out the killer guitar solo on the bridge.  “Leaves” is a cool track that leads with a sweet piano interlude that duets sweetly with the lead vocal, building as the song winds from verse to chorus.  There is something about this track that catches me with each listen with the songs sonic shift from ballad-like rocker to a piano driven track that shifts gears musically as it winds down.  “Revelation Day” is the standout track in my opinion.  There is something about the swirl of guitars, keyboards, vocals, and the rhythm section that has a cool vibe woven into it.  The tracks has a texture and sound that reminds me at times of Styx without feeling like that was the goal.  The power of the track keeps you engaged while it barrels toward an abrupt end.  Title track and disc closer “Mediterraneo” is ethereal at moments, modern rock during others, and totally enjoyable during them all.  Clocking in at over seven minutes there is a lot going on, but it never strays from the sound and style of the rest of the collection.  The chorus is contagious and gets you humming and rocking along.  This collection would provide a great setlist for a live show.  Here’s hoping!

Tracklisting: Ocean Lies – Ray of Light – Leaves – Revelation Day – Mediterraneo

Lineup: Marco Pastorino (vocals) – Pietro Paolo Lunesu (guitars) – Giorgio Lunesu (drums) – Luca Negro (bass)






Category: CD Reviews

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