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| 1 March 2014 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Records

Release Date: February 21, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I always enjoy listening to the latest disc from House Of Lords.  While songs are different, with varying textures and lyrics, I can always count on a solid disc that doesn’t stray far from the pattern James Christian and band have created.  With that familiar keyboard interlude from most every HoL disc, “Battle” kicks this disc off in the right direction.  Christian’s voice is as strong and clean as ever and the guitar riffs from Jimi Bell are some of the best to grace any of the bands previous discs.  “I’m Breakin’ Free” keeps the rock coming with great riffs, heavy bottom end from Chris McCarvill’s bass, and killer drums from BJ Zampa.  This line-up gets tighter with each release.  “Permission To Die” gets the rock back on track with chugging guitars and ample riffs, pings, and squeals from Bell.  The track features larger than life background vocals, a staple of the band.  Keeping true to the House of Lords sound, “Action” comes at you from the opening riff until you hear Christian’s familiar voice belt out the powerful chorus.  This song exemplifies everything that works on this disc.  One of the most stereo-typical tracks of the bands catalog closes the disc.  The solo and vocals in “You Might Just Save My Life” are some of the best on the disc.

“Swimmin’ With The Sharks” features a tempo that gets the blood pumping and the beats per minute ratio maxed out from the opening note, as does the track “Epic.”  James’ voice gives both songs that classic House Of Lords sound, which keeps them true to the bands winning formula.  “Live Every Day (Like It’s The Last)” is the typical HoL ballad that nicely breaks up the string of rockers on the disc.  Title track “Precious Metal” slows the pace down a bit with a beautiful piano accompaniment that adds a little something to the mix, and the track and disc are better for it.  Much like the title track, “Enemy Mine” is a beautiful track that benefits from the use of keyboards and a slowed tempo.  The addition of Robin Beck on this track makes it that much better.  “Raw” is a track that deviates from the typical HoL sound.  It isn’t bad, just not what the fans have come to expect.  “Turn Back The Tide” keeps the disc moving while adding a different texture to the collection.  The vocals aren’t as in-your-face, but aren’t weak by any means.  The guitar work is also tempered a bit, but not to a fault.  The disc is wrapping up as tight as it started off.

Category: CD Reviews

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