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CD REVIEW: DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS – Beautiful And Treacherous

| 5 March 2014 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: February 24, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

How does one go about reviewing a metal disc that has no vocals?  Easy – you sit back, listen, and see if you become immersed in the musical interlude presented.  After three or four listens through, I find the latest offering from Dinner Music For The Gods is an easy listen that scores well in several areas.  Many of the songs have the cool riffs, pings, and squeals you would expect from a metal disc, but more than that, they lend themselves to other types of music as well.  Songs like disc opener “Beautiful And Treacherous” and “The Tower” really drive home the metal feel, while lending themselves to other styles as well, like world music.  The drumming in songs like “Sofia” combined with the guitar solos really have a classic hard rock feel to them, where as the track “Kashmir” opens with that classic Led Zeppeling riff and quickly morphs into a tune that has a heavier groove, regardless of how many times they come back to the familiar breakdowns.

The lighter “Wind Through The Trees” gives you a swift kick in the ass near the end of the track, but somehow still feels very metal even when the volume isn’t cranked to 11.  The guitar work is superb on this track, as well as on the more aggressive track “Queenshead.”  The song “Winterfell” is a great combination of different styles that come together to create a very complex metal track.  The world music influence is obvious.  While the symphonic sound is less in your face, it is prevalent during the bridges and breakdowns.  My favorite track is disc closer “Ghost Troopers in the Sky,” which contains a big tip of the hat to Iron Maiden.  The song has cool textures, a great instrumental guitar breakdown, and bits and pieces of the Maiden classic “The Trooper.”  While this song isn’t a complete original, it has been constructed, much like the rest of the disc, in a way that makes this band stand out from other rock bands that tend to rely more on music than lyrics.  Whatever you do, don’t be late for “Dinner,” as you might just miss out on one of the better meals this year!

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