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| 15 March 2014 | Reply

dark-forest-the-awakening500_zpse81225aeLabel: Cruz Del Sur Music

Release Date: March 11, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Some discs are meant for the mainstream and others are not.  The Awakening is more toward the latter of the options.  This disc features 9 metal tracks averaging around 6:00 per track.  If you like classic metal played well with the classic sound intact, don’t let the track lengths scare you.  The title track opens the disc and features plenty of riffs, cool vocals and a different sound twisted into the metal on the track.  This has a Celtic feel to it, but doesn’t stray from the metal vein.  “Turning Of The Tides” has a mellow pacing that shifts speeds and feel throughout the track.  This is one of the more subdued tracks, but also features a cool bottom end form the bass and drums.  “Sacred Signs” kicks the disc in another direction by picking up the tempo and featuring more aggressive guitars.  The vocals have a cool sound that maintains throughout the track and the rest of the disc.  Closer “Sons Of England” is a great way to wrap the disc up ,as it contains different elements that tie the songs together.

“Immortal Remains” has a cool guitar intro that gives this song a classic feel, much like the title track, while the vocals that jump in keep the track moving.  “Penda’s Fen” features more of the cool guitar riffs and vocals, but also allows the drums to shine a bit with cool fills and tempo changes that give the song a little depth.  “Rise Like Lions” keeps the drummer busy with a tempo that runs at breakneck speed compared to other tracks on the disc.  The vocals are a bit different from others on the disc, not bad, just different.  The same can be said for “Secret Commonwealth,” which happens to be a bonus track of sorts.  The riffs in this track are different from other on the disc and help the song stand apart from the others.  “The Last Season” has a different feel, without sounding different.  The track allows the musicians to step into the light during the bridges and breaks, giving the guitars, bass, and drums a spotlight.

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