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| 15 March 2014 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: March 4, 2014

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic & Symphonic rock are alive and well… in Australia?  Most certainly is, as Vanishing Point prove on their latest disc.  After an non-descript introduction piece, all bets are off with “King Of Empty Promises”  The vocals are clean and play well against the guitars and keyboards, along with the killer drumming.  The pacing of this track, along with its huge choruses, give this disc a proper jump start.  Title track Songs like “Distant Is The Sun” and “Denied Deliverance” keep the symphonic feel alive, while really allowing a melodic sound to escape and run with the track.  On the latter, the lead and background vocals are key to this song, and they are done well.  On the former, the bridges and breaks give you a peak into the guitar prowess lurking on this disc.  “Era Zero” and “Pillars Of Sand” are energetic songs that features lofty keyboards during the chorus and bridges.  The blend of guitars and keyboard against the vocals is a great mix on both tracks.  “Handful Of Hope” has a cool piano interlude that duets with the vocals to open the track before the rhythm section comes in and gives the song some bulk and strength, even before the guitars or keyboard join the fray.  Leaning heavily to the symphonic side is “Walls Of Silence.”   This features a great opening that allows the band to come together and blend their respective talents with the vocals and craft a song that helps demonstrate the talent in the band, individually and collectively.

“When Truth Lies” and “Circle Of Fire” demonstrate how well the band can mix the two styles and allows the vocalist to shine, while the band keeps perfect time behind him.  On the former, in addition to the vocals, the drums and keyboards really shine on this track.  The latter features more of the soaring vocals that are quickly becoming a staple on this disc.  “Let The River Run” has an a cappella intro that sets this tune off in the right direction and once the rest of the track kicks in, the song and disc, are stronger for it.  This is one of the stronger tracks tracks on the disc.  Adding to the killer vibe of the disc is “Story Of Misery.”  This song picks up where the last track left off.  The vocals are great, the music is the perfect accompaniment, and the arrangement is beautiful.  “As December Fades” is another strong song that blends the symphonic with the melodic and pulls it off.  Once again, the vocals and guitar/keyboard duo play well, but the bass and drums add depth to the track and allow it to take on a life of its own.  The closing track, “April,” is unlike any other on the disc,.  This instrumental piece is subdued and slowed, but nicely brings this package to a close.  Vanishing Point prove that you don’t need a female vocalist or be Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, etc. in order to do Symphonic right.

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