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CD REVIEW: ONE THOUSAND YEARS – Get Your Rabbit’s Foot & Run

| 17 February 2014 | Reply

ONE THOUSAND YEARS – Get Your Rabbit’s Foot & Run
1 February 2014
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

One Thousand Years - Get Your Rabbits Foot And Run CD

One Thousand Years released their single This Is How The Zombies Take Control way, way back in 2012, backed by the dark grooving riff of Demoness. Both tracks make another welcome appearance here on their long awaited debut album and stand shoulder to shoulder with an album which defies pigeon holing.

Organic in the same way that The Faces, The Stones or The Black Crowes were, One Thousand Years throw a bit of everything into the gumbo of their sound – it’s hard rock n’ maximum roll Jim, but played with a jam band sensibility, a hefty pinch of funky soul sassafras, and blues rock nous. Hell, there’s even a brass-laden tune called American (Funk Jam) that self-explantorily reinforces what I just said.

Single When The Sun Opens Its Eyes sounds like The Stones, or at least, Primal Scream doing The Stones (which were pretty much the same thing circa 1994), while the paen to lost love that is Helsinki Blues really tugs on the heartstrings. Mama Love, Little Blue Jeans and Soul Kitchen ramp up the soulful sass, proving that it’s never too late to go back to the source of it all and reinvent rock n’ roll in whichever way corresponds to your own tastes and influences.

In short, Get Your Rabbit’s Foot & Run is perfect for One Thousand Years – it’s the culmination of all their influences and abilities and talents, and it’s so good it shouldn’t have any trouble finding a broad and adoring audience.

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