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BOOK REVIEW: Adventures With the Wife In Space: Living With Doctor Who by Neil Perryman

| 7 February 2014 | Reply

Adventures With the Wife In Space: Living With Doctor Who by Neil Perryman
Faber, $24.99 rrp
1 December 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Adventures With the Wife In Space book cover

Regular readers will already be well acquainted with this reviewer’s rock obsession, but it’s time to come out of the closet and admit that I have another – I am besotted by Doctor Who and have been since a very young age.

Because of this I can completely relate to Neil Perryman’s obsessive mission to watch every single episode of the Classic Series of Doctor Who consecutively – I did the exact same thing myself over the course of a year, finishing almost 2 years ago.

What I did NOT do, however, was try and make my wife sit down and watch it with me. For one thing, we have many other interests together, and for another, I suspect she would be more dismissive of the Classic Series and would have lost patience with the mission early on in the piece.

Not that I would blame her, had that happened – wobbly walls, ridiculously cheap monster costumes (often involving a person wrapped in cellophane or a walking box, in the early black & white days) are easy to laugh at, and I confess, I was doing other stuff while a lot of the episodes were on (especially the ones reconstructed with just the audio and some photos because the BBC lost or destroyed the original footage – but I wasn’t blogging about them…).

So Perryman spills his guts about his blog, his relationship, his work, his obsession for Doctor Who – all the good bits and the bad bits. It’s like, a superblog in print, in a way. And despite all that, he manages to keep it pretty interesting and amusing, though there’s no denying that wife Sue, always ready with a wise aside, a clever quip or a scathing cut down, is his secret weapon.

But then, isn’t that the same for most of us – and for the Doctor himself? Without our companions we are incrementally less interesting.

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