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INTERVIEW: LAUREN BOQUETTE of Lords Of Ruin, November 2013

| 9 November 2013 | Reply

LordsPromo!The are some interviews you pursue because you like a band and others you do and read because you love the band.  Why take another bite at the apple with Lauren Boquette of Lords of Ruin??  Quite simple – if you don’t know who they are, check them out… you will understand why these guys have stayed on my radar.

Toddstar: If it is okay, I would love to jump right into discussing your newest release, Life Is A War.  I find myself keeping it in my normal rotation of albums I am listening to ever since I first heard and reviewed it months ago.  After being able to fully absorb the material over the last few months, what can you tell us about the songs on the release?

Lauren: Thank you very much! That really means a lot. Well for starters I can tell you that this is what five guys in a rehearsal room playing their hearts out sounds like. We went into this record ignoring everything around us and just started writing. It is all completely honest and unpretentious. We just did what felt natural and “Life is a War” was born. It is the same way we’ve created all of our music and since this is the style of music we all love, it flows rather effortlessly.  Lyrically I just put my truth out there and hope others can relate. To us, music is our connection to the world; we want you to not only listen but to FEEL it.

Toddstar: The songs are very strong and have held up over repeated listens.  Are there any favorites of yours that you find yourself going back to? Which of the tracks do you find come across better live?

Lauren: I really appreciate that. Our goal is to make music that means something, not just the usual disposable crap that we all have been force fed over the years. But favorites?, that’s a tough one, “New Life” and “Welcome To the Last Time” seem to really hit hard live, but we dig in deep when it is time to hit the stage, so that’s really where this music shines.

Toddstar: Regarding Life Is A War, do you find that you would have changed anything knowing what you do now of the recording and reception of the disc by your fans?  Would you have tracked anything differently?

Lauren: I think we would of used a different studio and/or engineer. We are happy with how it came out, but the process could have been more enjoyable. It seemed our engineer had his own agenda rather than just letting us do what we do. Sadly, many studios operate that way; it’s just the nature of ego in this business.

With Lords of Ruin, we know what we want and we shoot for the process to be as creative & fun as possible. We love recording and we get off on the art of it. Some studios just look at music as work and try to hurry up and get on to the next paying customer, that’s fine and all in most businesses but in music, the art really suffers with that mindset.

Toddstar: The disc is seeing a re-release of sorts.  Was there a conscious decision to release the EP as is without beefing anything up or adding to it?


Lauren: We put it out quietly. Shortly after it was finished our old drummer moved out of state, so we had to take time to find the perfect replacement. We weren’t prepared at that time to start doing press and really pushing the record because the band was incomplete. Once everything was back in line, we announced the record. We are solid as a rock now, so here we are!

Toddstar: The band has had more time gel as a unit.  As you have progressed as a band, how would you now describe the sound of the band to those who don’t know of you?

Lauren: Our goal has always been to bring real rock & roll to the stage. A true celebration of this music! That’s what we think concerts should be. Not just some guys up there wasting people’s time. We love what we do. All five of us sold our souls to music and you see that and feel it when we play. If you like it loud, heavy and full of energy let us be your next fix!

Toddstar: When performing live, how fluid is the set list, as you have these songs, but each of you have material from previous bands you were in.  Do you customize the list based on the region of crowd or are you pretty tight about what the band does live?

Lauren: Our set is born out of what we are feeling per show. We have tons of material to pick from and we just go as we feel, we may even pull off a cover or 2. Like I said, our shows celebrate our love of music and we are stoked to be able to take the audience with us.

Toddstar: If you had to pick possible pairings for an ideal tour, what other bands would you like to see Lords of Ruin out on the road with, either as a headliner or support?

Lauren: If we could tour with Foo Fighters, Hatebreed, AC/DC or even Pantera (back in the day) we would crush it! These bands seem to be a brotherhood and love what they do; this is the school we come from.

Toddstar: What is next for Lords of Ruin? Any plans for a tour cycle surrounding Life Is A War?

Lauren: We are writing our next full length album, but we would love to take this show on the road!! , just waiting for the right situation to do that. The touring industry has changed so much that it doesn’t make sense to go out without all of the right pieces in place.

Toddstar: Regarding you, who made you want to get behind a microphone and do this.  Who still inspires you?


Lauren: Damn good question. I saw every concert I could when I was a kid. Everything from AC/DC to The Police to GBH to Chuck Berry. I was and still am totally obsessed with rock & roll. Bruce Springsteen slays me, Henry Rollins showed me it was ok to go as deep as your feelings will let you. Rob Halford & Freddie Mercury me showed the power in owning the stage. Keith Morris taught me to let it all out, Mike Muir, Bon Scott,the list goes on & on… Artist that have that “spirit” touch me. As for newer bands, I love Brian Fallon & The Gaslight Anthem, Lucero, The Hold Steady, it’s endless… Music is my religion and I have many Gods.

Toddstar: When touring, what are the couple things you cannot leave home without?

Lauren: For me as long as I have a huge tour itinerary and my music collection, I’m stoked. I love being on the road.

Toddstar: What is the one album or collection on your iPod that may surprise fans of the band?

Lauren: My love of Bruce Springsteen normally shocks people.

Toddstar: As life and our outlooks change with everything that happens to us; with the EP receiving a re-release and the passage of time as a band, looking toward the end of 2013 and the start of 2014, at this point – what is the meaning of life?

Lauren: I truly believe that the meaning of life is finding your own truth. Be 100% honest with yourself and live from that point. You will never go wrong following your heart and soul. Most people are too afraid to be who they really are, that is the destructive part of our species. We should inspire others to follow their dreams and learn to love fearlessly; it is the only thing that can save us. Fear will keep you small and our spirit is meant to soar. The bottom line is, we only get one life and you have to live it your own way!


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