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“Metal Down Under”: documenting the history of heavy metal music in Australia !

| 17 November 2012 | Reply

Nick Calpakdjian from Animus Industries has announced the start of the fundraising campaign for the first film to fully document the history of heavy metal music in Australia : “METAL DOWN UNDER” !

Animus Industries is producing a feature length documentary about the history of Heavy Metal music in Australia. The film will trace the origins of metal in Australia and explore this ever-evolving genre of extreme music.

From grind-core, thrash, death metal, black metal, hardcore, doom, melodic metal, sludge, power metal and the many more sub genre’s that exist Metal Down Under will cover it all.

The history of metal in Australia has never been fully told and this film attempts to rectify that. Rather than a back-stage interview film with a bit of live footage in between, Metal Down Under will tell the story of Aussie metal through formal interviews, archival, animation, candid observation-style footage and first person narration.

The film will be accompanied by an interactive website that will document the production of the film as well as profile and publicize many of the bands and identities involved in Heavy Metal. Released in conjunction with the documentary DVD will be a bonus DVD of music videos, interviews and extended material as well as a compilation CD.

Animus Industries have put the feelers out for people interested in being involved in the production as on-camera interviews, assisting with research and/or fundraising amongst other things.

Presently the following bands have pledged their support: Psycroptic, Blood Duster, Psychonaut, Pegazus, Frankenbok, Tzuntzu, Be’lakor, Lord, Synthetic Breed, Soulforge, Darker Half, Breaking-Orbit, Sydonia, Mammoth Mammoth, Thy Art is Murder, Humonic, Kunvuk, Breaking Orbit, The Stealth Creeping Apocalypse, Empire, Zelorage and Our Last Enemy.

Industry personalities/organisations supporting the film include: Dave Harrison (Ex-Allegiance / Heavy Metal Merchant), Andrew Haug (Radio Presenter / Contrive), Martin Popoff (Author), Adam Agius (Alchemist / Metal for the Brain), Peter Hobbs (Hobbs Angel of Death), Simon Lukic (Musicaly Incorrect), Dave Leonard (Modern Music), Adrian Dixon (MetalDad Blog), Dysie (Prime Cuts Record Label / Soundworks) and magazine ‘Heavy.’

Many more are expected to follow as we continue to put the word out.

Producer/director Nick Calpakdjian : “I believe a film documenting the history of heavy metal in Australia is long overdue. As Simon Lukic (Musically Incorrect – Triple R FM) told me, “Australia has one of the most devoted and exciting heavy metal scenes in the whole world. A film highlighting this fact is not just long overdue it’s a necessity.” I couldn’t agree with him more.

This film will be from eyes of the characters that make metal in Australia what it is today. From record label managers, radio hosts, magazine publishers and band members, to fans, bloggers and filmmakers, Metal Down Under will introduce you to a world you either didn’t want to know existed, or have been a part of all your life.”

Animus Industries are raising funds for this film in stages – Development, Production and Post-Production. This will allow the company to undertake each phase of the production as they have the necessary funds to do so.

This is an independent production. Heavy Metal does not really make a dent on the commercial music scene in Australia and we do not expect the commercial television networks to come knocking any time soon. This film will finds its audience on DVD, online, film festivals and then possibly on ABC2 in Australia.

If you want to participate to support the fundraising campaign to make sure this documentary can be realized, please go to : You can buy the film as a digital stream or as a dvd+cd, but also many great packages are offered !

(**Please note that we have removed the need to pay $10 extra for international postage. However we cannot update the reward packages on the right due to Pozible terms & conditions. If you are from outside of Australia and you want to donate, we’ll get the rewards to you without the need for extra cash!)

Trailer fundraising :

All info :
Fundraising campaign “Metal Down Under”:
Full film statement :
Official website :
Official Facebook :

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