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MISTRESS – Loveteaser

| 3 October 2013 | Reply

Demon Doll Records, June 2013 
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Mistress- Loveteaser CD

New Zealand’s Mistress are unashamedly influenced by 80’s cock-rockin’ hair metal, and after making a few ripples with their debut EP in 2009 they’re back with a debut slab called Loveteaser.

The title track brings to mind a sleazier Def Leppard, Don’t Stop Now veers more towards a White Lion vibe, Mystery Child is a bit more Ratt-like, with a simple but effective keyboard flourish in the chorus that sets the song up a notch.

Live It Up is a fast paced rocker that perfectly suits Signal’s voice and is perhaps the most 80’s-centric song on offer here. It’s an immediate favourite, as is Late Night Call Up, a tailor-made arena-sized rocker with a gang vocal chorus.

The down side to Loveteaser becomes apparent when you hear the last song, She’s A Sinner, which was originally recorded for that debut EP and was mixed by Beau Hill (Warrant, Ratt, Winger, Alice Cooper – all pretty obviously influences of Signal). The difference is striking – to the point that I would have advised leaving it off this record, since it highlights the production deficiencies in the rest of the record. These aren’t deal breakers, mind you, just a flatness to the vocals and drums which is a bit of a bummer.

Despite some lineup turbulence since the record’s release, vocalist/ guitarist/ songwriter Siggy Signal has plenty of raw talent to offer and enough style and ability to make things work for him. All he needs now is to solidify a line-up and get the cash together to make a better sounding album and things should start to happen.


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