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| 29 September 2013 | Reply

Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Blind Dead McJones Band - Last Resort Mexico CD

A trio of raunchy blues rock dogs with a fine battle-hardened turn of phrase and a seedy view of the world outside their own – no doubt roach infested – London bedsit, The Blind Dead McJones Band insist they are contracted by band leader and musical guide Blind Dead McJones, despite McJones never having played with the band.

That mystery aside, The BDMcJ’s use their nefarious back-story to great effect, singing about McJones and his badass ways on a collection of dark, Beefheartesquely belligerant blues that are occasionally confronting, as on the spoken word B3D (‘I can see you got some soul boy, wanna trade?’), always bristling with a subtle electric violent energy.

Rumbleland suggests that Wee-Man, Buddy and The Cake may have listened to as much Rage Against The Machine as they have Muddy Waters and ZZ Top; whilst the 8 minute long live album closer Wolf Howl shows they have the chops to make this very left of centre music work live.

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