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Movie review – I’m So Excited (Los Amantes Pasajeros)

| 29 September 2013 | Reply

Starring Javier Cámara, Pepa Charro, Cecilia Roth
Directed by Pedro Almodovar
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Im so excited Movie

Legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodovar brings us an updated 70’s bedroom farce for his latest feature, though he’s mixed it up and set it on board a plane mid-flight as technical problems look like they might bring the jet down sooner rather than later.

Cue some heavily stereotypical gay flight attendant humour, a mid-film booze, drugs and sex orgy, and sub-plots involving a long lost runaway child, political embezzlement, a hit man with a target in his sights, a famous dominatrix, the sexual webs of the bisexual and/or homosexual flight crew and a virginal woman desperate to unload her cherry, and it all adds up to good natured, though lightweight, fun.

Im So Excited 02

We’re used to more serious work from Almodovar, but who can blame him for wanting to make a movie that is fluffier and less layered for a change, and I’m So Excited displays plenty of the Maestro’s flair, especially on an intro cameo featuring Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas which sets up the ensuing tech problems, and in the hilarious eponymous mid-flight cabaret karaoke scene.

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