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| 30 August 2013 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: September 17, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

What do you do after you have been on The Voice and toured with Lady Gaga?  If you are Chevonne, you put your own band together, of course.  “Heels” kicks off this disc and it is interesting to say the least; don’t believe me, check out the lyrics.  The vocals are great and play well against the music.  The guitars and keyboard duet nicely in the background on this track, which has a cool rock groove.  “Burn Out” comes along and has a bit more of a pop flair than the previous track, but it seems to fit the band.  The male and female vocals, courtesy of Chris Ricci and Chevonne Ianuzzi respectively, sound great against each other and give the song a little more depth.  “Glow” opens with a keyboard and guitar driven groove that is soon accompanied by Chevonne’s vocals.  The track, while keeping the rock drums and bass line in place, is another track that features a poppier groove.  “One More Time” is a fun track that has cool vocals and a great vibe throughout.  The guitars really dress up the chorus, but stand out during the verse.  This is heavier than the last couple tracks, but doesn’t stray from the path cut by the previous tracks.

“Ugly Boy” opens with cool almost doo-wop feel that is enhanced with the piano, cool guitar line, and background vocals.  The track is one of the lightest on the disc, but not “ballad” light – just not heavy.  This track allows Chevonne to play with her voice a bit, and it works well.  “Babysitter” brings the rock feel back with a chugging guitar riff and a little more attitude from the rhythm section, not to mention the vocals that seem to cut through the music and give the song a little extra punch.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc, as it seems to wrap all the great things from the other tracks into one song.  “Your Guitar” adds even more to the rock feel of the disc.  The keyboards and guitar work together and really raise the bar leading to the chorus.  The drums and bass jump through the speakers at the chorus.  The vocals grab the spotlight and keep this song moving nicely while the disc comes to a close.

If this EP is any indication, I think we have a new genre… rock-pop.  It’s like pop-rock, only heavier!

Category: CD Reviews

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ToddStar - that's me... just a rocking accountant who had dreams of being a rock star. I get to do the next best thing to rocking the globe - I get to take pictures of the lucky ones that do. I love to shoot all genres of music and different types of performers. If it is related to music, I love to photograph it. I get to shoot and hang with not only some of my friends and idols, but some of the coolest people around today.

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