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CD REVIEW: HIBRIA – Silent Revenge

| 30 August 2013 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: September 10, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Metal truly is universal as this band out of Brazil demonstrates.  “Silent Revenge” opens the disc and instantly you are thrust into a metal maniacs heaven.  The big guitars, bigger vocals, and pounding rhythm section welcome you to the disc.  The song mixes the different sounds of the vocals and guitars well.  “Lonely Fight” is up next and offers more of the metal from the first track, except the bass and drums seem to be given a little extra treatment on this song.  The vocals are rich and compliment the guitars well.  The guitars work is very cool during the bridges and solos.  “Deadly Vengeance” comes charging out of the gate with heavy drums and a groove that should please just about anyone that still head bangs.  The vocals are a bit edgier on this track, but it fits the formula of the song well.  “Walking To Death” is more of the same metal that power and speed metalists will appreciate.  The vocals are heavier and set the mood for a darker track, but the vocals move in and out of higher ranges during the chorus.  “Silence Will Make You Suffer” features a punishing, yet almost rhythmic drum sound that sets the pace for the song.  The chorus has great guitar work that contrasts the sound during the bridges and breakdowns.

“Shall I Keep Burning” is next and brings the tempo and volume down a bit.  If there is such a thing as a heavy metal ballad, this would be it.  The vocals are emotionally charged and play well against the acoustic guitar in the opening.  Once the rest of the band kicks in, we have a metal track that is still a bit on the softer side compared to other tracks on this disc.  Some versions of the disc feature an unplugged version of this track.  “The Place That You Belong” picks back up with the tempo and heavy bottom end.  The use of guitars pings and squeals also adds a little different sound to the track . The vocals also seem to have taken on a different feel.  The song has a cool groove that mixes well with the other tracks on the disc.  “The Scream Of An Angel” has a cool opening that sounds as if it were ripped from the 80’s metal scene, but soon we are given a bit more guitar and power sound that this band does well.  The drums really work overtime on this track, with time and tempo changes that keep the song moving.  “The Way It Is” closes the disc with a heavy track that encompasses all of the different pieces of this disc and helps demonstrate the consistency of this band and their output.

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