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| 19 July 2013 | Reply


Label: Fearless Records

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd Jolicoeur

Wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this disc, but was quite surprised with the songs.  “Chin Up Kid” starts the disc off like many other tracks and discs from the current rash of Warped Tour bands, but this is much more palatable due to the absence of screaming vocals.  The music is fun, well played, and well suited to the vocals.  “Keep Calm and Don’t Let Me Go” keeps the groove in place and good music in place.  The guitars, bass, and drums really keep the track flowing, along with the vocals.  The use of loops and other effects makes this track different.  “Nice to Meet You” has the same feel as the previous tracks, but seems different at the same time.  The vocals really drive this track and help set it apart; they are clean and add a little something to the rest of the track.  “Nikki” is next and is one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  The vocals tell the story as much as the lyrics do.  The guitar work is cool and adds depth to the song.  The drums and bass keep perfect time and take this to the next level.  The catchy chorus should make this go over well live.  “Ritalin (Born in America)” is very different from the other tracks presented here.  The song kicks off like the others, but there is a cool breakdown in the track that adds depth to the song and disc.  The piano used throughout the track and especially at the end really enhances the  track.  “Kick It!” is a straight ahead rocker that gives the band a little room to just be rockers.  The pop sensibility is still embedded in the track, but it doesn’t drive the music.  The rhythm section anchors the track and allows the guitars to take over a bit.

“Playing With Fire” gives a different feel to the disc with a muted opening and effects that take charge before the instruments are introduced.  Once the guitars kick in, the vocals take a turn and this song becomes a hands up – waving from side to side song destined to be a great live track.  “Count On Me (For Nothing)” starts off with effects and acoustic guitar.  The song sounds different from anything else on the disc.  The song has a cool tribal feel during the chorus that gives the disc a little more dimension.  The song takes another turn near the end, but it really makes the song.  “La La Lainey” has a rock vibe that also keeps the mood light and fun.  The vocals are great on this track and the use of background vocals adds more depth to the song.  This is another favorite on the disc that should also translate well live.  “My Friends Save Me” is a mellow track that has a different feel from anything else on the disc.  The vocals and acoustic guitar give the disc a new face.  The songs seem to get better as the disc moves along; it is refreshing to have a disc that has no throw away tracks on the back end.  “Cross My Heart”  brings the disc to an end and also bring sit full circle.  The vocals and guitars play well together while the rhythm section controls the pace and feel of the song.  This song has more of the familiar pop groove from teh rest of the disc without being repetitive.

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