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Swiss speed punks, Bad Mojos, fight the law and beat it on the video for “Commit A Crime”

| 19 December 2018 | Reply

Swiss speed punks, Bad Mojos, fight the law and beat it on the video for “Commit A Crime”

The final addition to the Voodoo Rhythm Records catalog for 2018 will be its most chaotic sounding yet. Bad Mojos will release their debut LP, I Hope You OD, on the Voodoo Rhythm Records label on December 21st and mark the occasion with the premiere of the “Commit a Crime” video.

Early in November, the band premiered the debut track “Police Car.” I Hope You OD was recorded in Toulouse (FR), in early 2018 at Swampland Studios by Lo-Spider (The Oblivians, The Monsters, The Spits, Badass Mother Fuzzers). The album as a whole keeps in line with shortening attention spans, clocking in at under 15 minutes of lo-fi production with buzzsaw guitar work and bellowing vocals. Pre-orders for the LP, CD, and cassette are available now.

I Hope You OD track listing:
1. “Diggin My Own Grave”
2. “Baby, I’m Doomed”
3. “I Wanna Be Dead”
4. “I Hate”
5. “Commit a Crime”
6. “Police Car”
7. “I Hope You OD”
8. “Too Drunk”
9. “Out of Control”
10.” Everybody Hates Me”

Forming in 2015 via SMS, Bad Mojos made noise early with recordings equally as antagonistic as what’s on I Hope You OD. Routes through Europe won the commitments of No Front Teeth Records & Kink Records to release their early material, which won praise from Classic Rock and Razorcake.


How did Voodoo Rhythm Records come to find out about these three? Reverend Beat-Man (Voodoo Rhythm boss) explains:

“A couple of years ago, Bad Mojos played direct support to my band, The Monsters, at a backyard party I held. Unfortunately, one of my boys suffered an accident which needed hospital attention, so we missed their set. Going back to the party, The Monsters were setting up, and I remember looking out at the crowd Bad Mojos had brought with them. It was all these young punks in stupid looking Adidas tracksuits and shirtless people with leather jackets on, none of that mohawk crap. It didn’t make sense, any of it! Everyone told me how amazing Bad Mojos were that night, so I began following them. When I finally got the chance to see them play, they were opening for some old punk rock legends, and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. First off, these guys can’t play at all (laughs). Their guitarist can’t solo and doesn’t even bother attempting. The bass player has to concentrate so hard when he plays his instrument, but it’s their drummer who is the real eye catcher. He looks like Billy Idol, and I hate that guy, he’s so fake! However, this guy [Julio Blanco – Bad Mojos drummer/vocalist] looks like him, plays so fast and in time all while singing the stupidest lyrics imaginable. This band is fun, great, and more importantly, they’re fresh! Punk rock needs that.”

Tour Dates
12/21 Fribourg, CH (Fri Son)* Album Release Party
1/17/2019 Bern, CH (Rossli)* Album Release Party 2.0
2/7/2019 Stuggart, DE (Revier 5)
2/8/2019 Munster, DE (Gleis 22)
2/13/2019 Ghent (Kinky Star)
2/14/2019 Bochum, DE (Wageni)
2/15/2019 Manheim, DE (Blau)

Bad Mojos are:
Jean of Death – backing vocals/bass
Julio Blanco – lead vocals/drums
Saint Martin – backing vocals/guitars

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