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DEVOUR THE DAY – Time & Pressure


Label: Fat Lady Music

Release Date: May 7, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

When bands dissolve and spin off they can be hit or miss.  When Egypt Central took a break, who knew what would happen to the music.  Two guys knew and they created Devour The Day.  “Respect” kicks the disc off and this is different from what we are used to from these guys.  The song has a heavy bottom end and some aggressive vocals, but it seems to work well in this combination.  The song has a cool chorus that mixes singing styles.  “Good Man” has a cool intro and vibe that seems to be a departure from the previous track, but once the chorus drops in, the aggressive vocals once again dance with the straight singing and create another heavy track that also features a great bass line.  “Blackout” is something that seems more familiar when you compare these tracks to the previous efforts.  This is a great song that has a cool guitar riff woven through it along with vocals that should help make this track a standout, should it get some airtime.  “You and Not Me” keeps the momentum from the previous track and seems to have an almost poppy feel in the guitar that mixes well and gives this song a lighter feel.  The chorus is catchy and keep the song moving along.  “Move On” adds another dimension to the band and disc with an almost techno feel to the track.  This is another song that demonstrates a different sound for the band, but one that I think fits them well and eventually morphs into a great rock track that would be GREAT live.  “Get Out of My Way” opens with a killer bass line and soon takes off with another sound that should keep critics and reviewers from pigeon holing these guys into any one genre.

“Oath” is another song that fits the mold of what might have been expected from these guys after the folding of their previous band.  The song is strong and features a killer rhythm section, while the vocals are emotion filled and combine well with the music to tell a story.  “Reckless” keeps the records moving with a similar fell to a lot of the other tracks here, but the breakdowns between the choruses and verses give the song a heavier feel at times, but the guitars lift the song to a lighter moment as the choruses  kick back in.  “Handshakes to Fist Fights” has a different feel to it that give the disc a little depth.  This track has a bit of a pop feel to it that carries through the guitars and vocals.  The chorus is catchy and despite its aggressive moments, is still light and allows itself to keep the energy positive.  “Crossroads” is very different compared to everything else on this disc, but one of the better tracks on the disc.  This song stretches the preconceived notion of what this band sounds like based on the previous tracks and shows a creative softer side.  “The Drifter” is more of the new direction that started on the previous track.  The vocals are perfect for this track, an acoustic gem that shows the real beauty buried underneath the rock voice that is demonstrated over most of the disc.  This track is a killer closer, despite its mellow acoustic approach.

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