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| 10 April 2013 | Reply

THE RELAPSE SYMPHONY may have originated from Washington DC but their style, image, sound and attitude are straight from the Sunset Strip in its debaucherous filled heyday. The band’s five-song EP Time’s Running Out EP was released in December 2012 via Standby Records.   With this EP, THE RELAPSE SYMPHONY announced their arrival to the world with passion and intensity, issuing a warning to pretenders that THE RELAPSE SYMPHONY means business. The EP can be ordered through Amazon and iTunes.

The band recently completed work on a video for the song “Panic! (Time’s Running Out)”. Today the band is pleased to share the video with their fans and the world: “Shooting “Panic!(Time’s Running Out)” was quite an experience. We filmed it entirely outside in the middle of winter, in 14 degree weather! Between takes we would huddle together in heat blankets just to make it through to the next shot. We were honored to work with Director Scott Hansen, and he really understood what we were going for as a band. We wanted to capture the intensity of our live show, as well as the very real emotion of the song. Despite the trying shoot, we couldn’t be more pleased with how our very first music video came out and we hope all of our fans enjoy it!”

Check out the video HERE.

THE RELAPSE SYMPHONY combine the bombastic, emotive theatrics of My Chemical Romance, the unstoppably melodic but jagged punk hooks of Green Day and the forceful, confident and party-going atmosphere of Skid Row in a way that’s fresh and original. They’ve taken these components and structured a sound that sounds as vital today as “Youth Gone Wild” back in the day. It’s the sound of the greatest bands of yesterday colliding with the anxiousness of today. THE RELAPSE SYMPHONY is combustible and ready to ignite across the globe.


Bret Von Dehl – Vocals

JC Charles – Guitar

Alex Foxx – Guitar

Brandon Kile – Bass

Tyler Gloyd – Drums

For More Info Visit:

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