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| 22 April 2013 | Reply


Label: Bulldog Productions

Release Date: April 30, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Some bands will always get my attention when they release a new disc.  Red Line chemistry is one of those bands; there is something about the music.  “Black Roses” starts the disc off and I would have expected no less from this band.  The guitars are solid and the drums pounding.  The vocals are exactly what we have come to expect.  “Tug Of War” follows and has a moodier sound than the last track, but still well within abilities of the band.  The guitars build throughout the track, as does the strength of the vocals.  “Paralyzed” is the first single, and for good reason.  This one kicks the doors open and knocks everything loose.  The opening riff is incredible, as are the bass lines and the drumming.  The vocals power the song along and together, these guys have created a killer track.  “The Fighter” brings things back down a little, but without losing focus of the disc.  This track seems a little darker without being edgy.  The song builds to another great RLC chorus and bridge.  The drums are tribal and very rhythmic throughout.  “Quiet Hurricane” picks up with a killer bottom line courtesy of a strong bass part.  The guitars chug along and add to the mix, but the bass and drums really make this track.  “Eyes To The Sky” is a different style track for the band.  The guitars are haunting and ethereal at the same time.  This is what a ballad sounds like when these guys let one flow.

“Unspoken” is another rocker that opens with a great bass and guitar tandem.  The vocals dress the music nicely and keep the song from droning on and becoming a lost track.  The chorus and bridge are built nicely by the vocals.  “Through The Haze” is a different type of song fro these guys.  The song clocks in at almost 8 minutes and moves from acoustic to moody rocker and back.  This isn’t a bad track, just not one of my favorites on the disc.  “Sucker Punch” brings the rock back full speed.  This has a cool intro that commands a little attention.  This is one of the better rockers on this disc or any other the band has put out to date.  The chorus is very catchy; the rhythm and beat will please most rockers.  “One More Day” keeps the feel of the last track alive, with a rocker that has a cool heavy bass intro that shifts gears and lightens without losing its rock cred.  The chorus keeps this song on track.  “Fall Of Man” is another favorite on the disc, although it isn’t a rocker for the most part.  This features some of the best vocals on the disc and a cool piano part that mixes well with the vocals and guitar.  This is how these guys should do every mellow track.  “What Do You Want From Me” closes the disc, but seems to miss the mark a bit.  Either of the last two songs would have provided a better bookend for the disc.  The song is good; although over 8 minutes long, it just doesn’t deliver a punch that fans of the band have come to expect.


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