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CD REVIEW: ISSA – Crossfire

| 13 February 2015 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: February 24, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic rock is alive and well… and female fronted on this gem from Frontiers Records.  Issa releases her latest disc later this month and it is sure to please all the MOR-heads out there.  Title track “Crossfire” opens the disc and gives us plenty of soaring vocals that mix with well with big guitars and lofty keyboards.  “New Horizon” follows the opening track and has more of Issa’s strong vocals and a heavier bottom end from the drums and bass that anchor the track, along with a chugging riff.  “Long Time Coming” is keyboard heavy ,but not to a fault.  The songs basic construction allows for Issa to come in and use her vocals to give the song punch.  “Heartbeat” has a full sound, from the opening vocal to the final guitar note.  The bottom end is a nice base for the guitars and keyboards to build upon, while letting the vocals sail across the chorus and bridge.  “Ghost Inside My Heart” blends the familiar keyboards and guitars of the track with Issa’s powerhouse vocal, giving the disc one of its stronger tracks.  The drums and bass seem to add a little power to the accompaniment, underneath the great riff work.  “We Rise” has a poppier sound than most of the other tracks, but it adds depth to the disc as a whole.  The drums are up front in the mix and give the song drive.

“Raintown” is the lone duet on the disc.  This track features Steve Overland – but to be honest I had to look up who sang on this, as his voice brought back memories of a late 1980’s Michael Bolton.  The guitar work is awesome on this track and blends well with the keyboards.  “Fight Fire With Rain” sounds like “Raintown Part 2” without the male counterpart.  Issa’s softer approach to the track allows some of the natural beauty of her voice to shine through.  “Electric Lights” has a different feel and sound from the keyboards, but it works within the confines of this disc.  The vibe of the whole track is left-of-center, but the strong vocals keep this song from veering away from the rest of the disc.  “Red Lights” is another keyboard heavy track that benefits from a chugging riff and vocals.  The song builds slowly from the intro and verse into a pre-chorus and chorus that feature a full layered vocal sound.  “Only You” marries a heavier bottom end with a nice blend of keyboard and guitar.  The vocals on this one seem to pull the finer points from other tracks and combine them.  There is a lighter tone and texture to the vocals, but they are thicker when needed.



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