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BLOWSIGHT – Life & Death

| 24 April 2013 | Reply


Label: Eclipse Records

Release Date: April 9, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Not every disc will hit you from the first note.  Occasionally you need to get past a first song or just give it more than one listen.  That is the case with this disc from Blowsight.  “It’s Me You’re Looking For” is a mash-up of modern rock and a hardcore vocal.  The music is good, but the screaming loses me every time.  The song would be solid if the vocals we more like the rest of the disc.  “Back Where We Belong” takes another direction, but still not hitting the rock vein I was expecting.  The guitars are furious, the drums are pounding, and the bass line is heavy.  The vocals are a little more subdued than the last track, but still not where I thought they would be.  “Play Play Play” is a great rocker that features some cool lead guitar riffs and a great rhythm section that adds to the track.  The vocals are strong and drip rock attitude.  The song reels the disc in and gets it headed down a rock and roll path with a catchy chorus.  “The Sun Behind the Rain” has a heavy bass and riff intro that screams rocker.  The vocals kick in and soon the song takes on a new life that uses a pop sensibility to anchor itself in melodic rock territory.  This is a really good track that helps give the disc a little more identity.  “Through These Eyes (with Pato Pooh)” is a mellower track that retains its rock feel and attitude.  The vocals are emotive, keep the song flowing nicely, and adds an edge to the song at the chorus and bridge.  The addition of a rap adds a different dimension to the track without stripping it of its rock vibe.  “Surprise” turns the energy and dynamic back up, but in a different way; it has a different sound than other rockers here.  It takes a page from other hardcore rockers today, while mixing in more straight vocals and less screams and growls.

“Hit On The Radio” has a rock groove that can’t be mistaken.  The song circles back to where the disc was headed a few tracks ago.  I can draw similarities to other rock hits, but as soon as the similarity is obvious, it is just as quickly unlike other tracks.  This song should go over well during a live show.  “They Whisper” helps segue way from a great rock track to a more aggressive song.  “This Pain” comes off with a very heavy hardcore feel that remains consistent through most of the track.  The drums are heavy and seem to accelerate with the chorus, even when the vocals seem to lessen their own attack.  The screams in the background seem to keep the track from really taking off.  “Blackout Time” comes along and gives us another look at the band.  The song has an almost club-like feel to it during the verses and breakdowns, but the guitars storm in during the chorus and help create a new sound on this disc.  “We All Fall Down” adds another direction to the disc.  The song has components that seem more pop infused than rock, but the sound seems very honed and calculated, but it seems to work.  This song should be another hit at live shows.  “Red Riding Blues” has a fun groove to it that seems almost Green Day-ish.  This song helps demonstrate more of the influences of outside music on the bands writing.  The song moves along and comes off as fun and light.  This is a nice way to start wrapping up the disc.  “Dystopia, Pt. 2” takes us in another direction, with its light opening and then hard right turn into rocker.  The song recaps the whole disc.  It has a few of the different sounds, but seems cohesive, just as the disc does.  The orchestration and arrangement is a cool way to end the disc.

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