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| 31 October 2019 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: October 11, 2019

Rating: 97%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Eclipse seems to knock it out of the park with each release and their latest, Paradigm, is no exception.  This collection of eleven tracks is full of killer rockers and some cool ballads.  Disc opener “Viva La Victoria” kicks off with a few seconds of acoustic guitars, but don’t let that fool you.  Soon the whole band jumps into the fray with everything plugged in and ready to rock. The guitars are loud, the bottom solid, and the vocals spot on.  “Mary Leigh” comes straight at you with guitars and keyboards ablaze while the bass and rums anchor the track.  The vocals round out the sound and helps create on of the best tracks on the disc.  The contagious chorus draws you in and gets you singing by time the second pass comes around.  “Shelter Me” slows the pace down, but by no means is this song any less powerful than the rockers on the disc.  The band has mastered the power ballad and carries the sound like a banner.  Magnus Henriksson’s guitar work bonds the soft and hard sides of the tune and keeps things moving through the verses, choruses, and bridge.  “Delirious” has a cool drum and guitar intro that gives drummer Philip Crusner time to shine, with fills and some cool cymbal work woven throughout the track.  The chugging riffs get the foot tapping and make you want to head bang while listening to the track.  The cadence of this one makes me fear listening while driving, as I can already feel the gas pedal being pushed to its limit.  This is another track that stands out in my opinion.  “.38 Or .44” is a phenomenal track that perfectly blends the different sounds and textures of the vocals, guitars, drums, and Magnus Ulfstedt’s heavy handed bass lines.  The lyrics are poignant and give us another glimpse into Mårtensson as a lyricist and he delivers them perfectly vocally.  Disc closer “Take Me Home” is different musically than other tracks here, as the song has a mostly vocal sound through the verse.  The chorus has heavy bottom end from the drums and minimal guitars layered throughout.  The songs real star is Erik’s voice, which soars through the chorus and helps the song take flight.

“Blood Wants Blood” ramps up nicely from an opening guitar that is quickly joined by the rest of the band.  The vocals seem a little heavier and lower registered, but it fits the sonic vibe of the track and keeps things interesting.  The arena-sized chorus keeps the bands melodic rock tag in place and gives frontman Erik Mårtensson another weapon in his arsenal.  “United” is a track that stands out, as it is sonically different from most of the songs on the disc.  The blend of electric and acoustic guitars is cool and adds depth to the track and disc.  The chorus is very catchy and the lyrics have a cool gang mentality that will lend itself to live performance.  “When The Winter Ends” is a cool track that has some of the best guitar work of the entire disc, especially the solo that rips through the longer than normal bridge and outro.  The vocals are great and the bottom end keeps the song from running away with itself, but I cannot say enough about the guitars on this one.  “Never Gonna Be Like You” comes straight at you and doesn’t let up from start to finish.  The charging track has ebb and flow of intensity from the guitars and bass, but the drums are solid – you can feel the power behind each drum strike, especially at the bridge.  “The Masquerade” seems to tie together all of the different sounds and grooves of the disc and delivers another solid track that kicks your ass from lyrics and vocals to the swirl of guitars, bass, and drums.  The rhythm section is locked in and drives this track for 5-1/2 minutes (the longest on the disc).

Tracklisting: Viva La Victoria – Mary Leigh – Blood Wants Blood – Shelter Me – United – Delirious – When The Winter Ends – .38 Or .44 – Never Gonna Be Like You – The Masquerade – Take Me Home

Band Lineup: Erik Mårtensson (vocals, guitars) – Magnus Henriksson (guitars) – Philip Crusner (drums) – Magnus Ulfstedt (bass)






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