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Label: Independent

Release Date: February 14, 2020

Rating: 90%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The landscape of the music has changed dramatically over the last few years.  I remember in the 80’s when you would run out to buy singles or cassingles to hold you over until the latest and greatest release from your favorite band hit the record store.  Now everything is so accessible and instant gratification is a requirement, so many bands are releasing singles and EP’s as opposed to full length albums, disc, etc.  Mixed into a recent flood of EP’s that hit my mailbox is the latest from Hold On Hollywood.  This five track disc has a great rock vibe that permeates every track, including an amazing cover.  Disc opener “Second Favorite Word” kicks off with a mainstream rock vibe that leans into a poppier vein without losing its rock feel.  The guitars blend well and the rhythm section helps the song flow while the vocals carry the track with different textures and sound.  The chorus is catchy, creating a fun listen.  “Anything You Say” keeps the cool rock vibe alive from the opener and helps create a great one-two punch to kick the disc off in the right direction.  The song feels like a power ballad that has been dialed up to just below straight rocker.  The guitar work on this track adds depth to the song and allows the rhythm section to anchor the track with solid, but not too heavy accompaniment.  “Movies” is a great song that delivers great vocals, a fun cadence and tempo, solid guitar and bass work, and drums that keep the track on target.  The song grows on me with each listen and has quickly become my favorite of the collection.  “Too Late” is another song that blends the pop rock sound with cool rock guitar sound and some great cool vocals that lean towards a modern rock radio sound through the chorus.  The song is as solid as any on the EP and get your foot tapping while you sing along.  The disc closer is a great cover of Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight.”  This version keeps the spirit and feel of the original intact while adding a slightly heavier bottom end from the bass and drums in the mix.  The slightly graveled lead vocal adds texture through the verse and the chorus begs you to sing along as we all did back in with Eddie back in 1986… the only thing missing is the sax solo!  We can only hope these guys can carry the momentum from this EP onto the next release and deliver another set of solid tunes.

Tracklisting: Second Favorite Word – Anything You Say – Movies –  Too Late – Take Me Home Tonight

Lineup: Ian Dartez (vocals/guitar) – Nick Dees (guitar/vocals) – Corey Morgan (bass) – Devin Holden (drums)






Category: CD Reviews

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