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| 7 March 2013 | Reply


Label: Ripple Music

Release Date: October 23, 2012

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It seems Ripple Music found a niche that is making a resurgence   They have a few bands that have slowed things down without losing the heavy rock groove.  Mos Generator is one of those bands and their latest is long on heavy riffs and good rock tunes.  “Cosmic Ark” opens the disc and leaves no doubt about their love of riffs and tempo.  This song features cool breakdowns and guitar work, while keeping it mellow.  “Lonely One Kenobi” keeps the vibe from the last track alive, but does pick up the tempo slightly.  The guitars, bass, and drums all work together to create a mood and the vocals enhance that on this track.  “Torches” follows suit and keeps the tempo up, while allowing the song to grow from open to close.  The drums seem to be an integral part of this track, as they stand out during the bridge and chorus and add some depth to the track.  “Step Up” is another song that keeps the formula intact.  The vocals are strong and add dimension to the track, along with keeping the song grounded.

“Solar Angels” opens with one of the best riffs on the disc.  This song has an almost 80’s rock feel to it that is welcome in my world.  The vocals are clean and are by far some of the best on the disc.  The bass even gets a spotlight, if you listen closely to the bottom line.  The solo is cool and not overdone.  “For Your Blood” keeps the great music coming and is another of the highlights of the disc.  The chugging guitar and bass keep everything moving, while keeping the song from becoming repetitive.  The drums are monster and the vocals are well matched to the mood of the track.  “Can’t Get Where I Belong” slows the pace down a bit and returns to the format established earlier on the disc.  The vocals are very 1970’s heavy metal in sound and nature, as are the chorus and bridge.  “Nomads” is a very cool instrumental that blends the vibe of the older metal with the sound of newer metal.  Th e guitar is played very well and is a perfect segue way into the next track.  “This Is The Gift Of Nature” takes us full circle to the sound of the opening track on the disc.  This track is big on heavy riffs and a mellow tempo that creeps along, but gets the job done.

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