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Interview – Lita Ford – March 2013

| 2 March 2013 | Reply

By Shayne McGowan

In 1975 Lita Ford began her career at the age of 16, as a member of The Runaways.  Nearly 4 decades later, and after a career that has many ups and downs, Lita Ford released arguably the best album of her career in “Living Like A Runaway”.  And if a cracking new album is not enough for you Aussie fans, Lita will be hitting Australian shores in May, for shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

I was lucky enough to chat with Lita before she arrives down under, about her career, her influences, Sharon and Ozzy and doing dishes!

Lita Ford Australian tour 2013

100% ROCK MAG: It’s said that Richie Blackmore inspired you to play guitar. Who else has been an inspiration, or influence to you?

Yes.  I was playing before I saw Ritchie play, but I loved his records.  Also, I met him while in The Runaways and i was already a Blackmore fan.  Blackmore’s style and aggressive riffs were my favourite of anyone else’s guitar playing.  He was an inspiration.  He played cello for me, and taught me different styles of riffs to jam on.

100% ROCK MAG: How do you look back on your time with The Runaways?

The times in The Runaways were a battle. We were never a team.  It was every man for himself, although, I loved The Runaways.  I learned a lot from being in that band.  I learned how to be a fighter in the music world.  And of course, I learned some great music from other musicians.

Lita Ford 1

100% ROCK MAG: There have been rumours of a possible Runaways reunion of late. Is it something that you would like to revisit?

It’ll never happen, although if it came down to it, I’d be there.

100% ROCK MAG: After The Runaways, did you find it easy to adapt to playing as a solo artist?

No, not easy at all.  I went through Hell.  I tried to do so many things musically, and nothing worked, so that’s when I taught myself to sing.  Along with a few vocal coaches, I developed a 3 piece band, a la Jimi Hendrix, but with a girl out front.  It got the attention of people, and I got my own record deal.

100% ROCK MAG: Where does your lyrical inspiration come from?

At the moment my lyrics are drawn from real life experiences. Living Like a Runaway is a true CD…  It’s real!

Lita Ford 2

100% ROCK MAG: Can you give us some insight into what it was like, to be managed by Sharon Osbourne?

Sharon was out to make me a star.  I believe she was in competition with her father Don Arden, who managed me prior to Sharon.  She put me on a great tour with Jon Bon Jovi, but never would allow me to tour with Ozzy.  She is very 2 faced, but don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for her.  She’s a hard worker and very intelligent.

100% ROCK MAG: Was she responsible for the idea behind collaborating with Ozzy?

No, me and Ozzy just got fucked up one night, and ended up writing “Close My Eyes”.

Lita Ford and Lemmy

100% ROCK MAG: You also worked with Tony Iommi. Will that material ever see the light of day?

That is actually a myth.  Tony was my lover.  I wrote some songs while we were together, but they had nothing to do with Tony.  “The Bride Wore Black” is solely my work and might make it to the forefront one day.  But it had nothing to do with Tony.

100% ROCK MAG: You took a 15 year break from making music. What were you up to during that time?

My ex husband hated the U.S.A and wanted to live out of the country.  I had 2 boys and needed to raise them.  The island we lived on was deserted completely. They needed school, and there was no school on this island.

100% ROCK MAG: After a 15 year hiatus, it would have been quite easy to just stay away from the business. What motivated your return in 2009 ?

I didn’t want to stay away.  Some show offers came in, and we took them.  It felt great to be back on stage again.

100% ROCK MAG: I’ve read that you don’t view that “comeback” album (Wicked Wonderland) as a true solo album. Can you elaborate?

I don’t view Wicked Wonderland as a true Lita album.  My comeback album is Living Like A Runaway, which is the best album ever.  You gotta check it out.

100% ROCK MAG: Living Like a Runaway is, in my opinion, the most solid album of your entire career, and definitely my favourite. How well has it been received by fans?

Haha…. The fans are really giving this record the thumbs up.  I am getting huge reviews on this CD, and I’m very proud of it.

100% ROCK MAG: When you began your career, did you ever think you would still be making records in. 2012, or touring in 2013?

Ya know it’s weird, but yes I did.  I am not a housewife.  I can tune a guitar better then do the dishes. Hahaha. My hat goes off to those ladies that are.

Lita Ford 3

100% ROCK MAG: You have had some minor roles in films. Is that an avenue that you would like to explore more of?

I have a few film ideas that I hope come to life.  At the moment we are doing a book with Harper/Collins.  It’s an autobiography on Lita Ford.  Eventually, I hope it will be turned into a major motion film.

100% ROCK MAG: We’ve already had a Runaways biopic, so how would a Lita Ford biopic differ?

My story would be more about what I have been through.

100% ROCK MAG: Who would play you?

Scout Taylor was great as Lita in the Runaways film.  I don’t really know at this point to tell you the truth.  Someone edgy…

100% ROCK MAG: What is next for you? Is there a follow up to Living Like a Runaway in the near future?

AUSTRALIA!!!!  We have some shows booked that I am excited about. The Monsters of Rock cruise, a new book, a killer band which will be out doing some shows, and a video for the song Mother.

100% ROCK MAG: Thanks for your time Lita and good luck with the tour!

Thursday 23 May
Prince of Wales Bandroom

Saturday 25 May
The Factory Theatre

Tickets: General Admission $59.90 + booking fee

VIP Meet and Greet tickets $199.90 + booking fee

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