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DELAIN – Interlude

| 30 March 2013 | Reply


Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: May 3, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I love symphonic metal.  There is something about the metal guitars, fierce drums and bass, keyboards, and a larger than life symphonic voice coming together that I enjoy listening to.  Delain does this as well, if not better, than anybody else out there today.  Their latest release has some new songs and covers, along with a couple re-recorded/re-mixed tracks and a handful of live tracks.  “Breathe On Me” is the first new track and it has all the elements of a great Delain track, but the best part of this track is the fierce bass line.  This brings the band into a new class in my mind.  The vocals are exactly what fans of the band expect and more.  “Collars And Suits” has a familiar key board intro from many other Delain tracks, but soon morphs into another great track.  The drums get a little room to shine with pounding rhythm and some cool fills.  The use of piano to transition between the verse and chorus is a nice touch.  “Are You Done With Me” is a new single mix that cleans up a little of the production, but not to the point of changing the basics of the track or turning the somg into something it isn’t.  This song still has as strong a vocal as the original.  “Such A Shame” is a cover of the Talk Talk track.  I am not familiar with the original, but it seems to fit within the range of what Delain does best.  The vocals are mixed a little with effects, but coem off well, especially when coupled against piano and keyboard.  “Cordell” is a great acoustic take on the Cranberries song.  This song allows the vocals to flow nicely overtop a beautifully played guitar piece.  The rest of the band joins in, but this piece adds another dimension to what the band has done thus far.  “Smalltown Boy” is a cool metal twist on the Bronski Beat tune.  This is a lot less pop, a lot more metal, and just as keyboard driven.  This song allows the vocals to explore a little while the drums, bass, and guitars have some fun with.  “We Are The Others” is remixed here to have a more ballad feel.  The vocals haven’t changed much and definitely hold their own against a beautiful piano accompniament.  The live tracks presented are: “Mother Machine,” “Get The Devil Out Of Me,” “Milk And Honey,” “Invidia,” “Electricity,” and “Not Enough.”

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