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INTERVIEW – Nick, October Rage, January 2013

| 2 February 2013 | Reply

By Shane Pinnegar

OCTOBER RAGE have come a long way from the New South Wales central coast on Australia’s Eastern shore.  They spent most of 2012 touring their debut album OUTRAGE, and making a name for themselves throughout The States and Europe, suporting the likes of Sevendust and Steel Panther along the way.  I caught up with singer/guitarist Nick Roberts while he was having some post-Christmas time off, before heading back to America for more touring.

October Rage - Nick Roberts 2nd from right

October Rage – Nick Roberts 2nd from right

100%: G’day Nick, thanks for your time today!  How would you describe October Rage’s sound to someone who hasn’t heard the band before?

It’s definitely a mash between some older classic rock with a modern twist. Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, these were the types of bands we grew up listening to and with more modern influences such as Metallica or Pearl Jam, our sound has really come together.

100%: You spent a fair chunk of 2012 working to crack The States:  How has America taken to October Rage after your efforts?

America has been amazing! We definitely feel like we have been welcomed with open arms. [There’s] definitely lots going on and we are excited to continue through 2013.

100%: Along the way you’ve scored some high profile supports including Sevendust, Steel Panther and Saliva.  And of course you famously won a radio contest here in Oz and supported Bon Jovi.  Who’s been the easiest to work with?

Haha great question! But everyone had awesome differences, for instance, Bon Jovi had an amazing crew and were really professional, Sevendust have to be some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in my life, Steel Panther are the best party animals I’ve ever seen and Saliva treated us like family!

October Rage 02

100%: In July and August guitarist Tim Ciantar and drummer Rory Bratby quit the band.  Was this an issue of workload or personality or the old favourite “musical differences”?

Rory and Tim left for both for personal reasons that needed them to be present in Australia pretty much non stop. However we were lucky enough to find great new guys in the small space of time we had between tours.

100%: Since then you’ve recruited JB Gilbert on guitar and Alan Toka on drums as replacements – how have they fit into the band and what have they brought to your sound?

Both JB and Alan are among the most gifted musicians I’ve ever met and they have a killer attitude to boot. If anything October Rage will be coming out with something darker, more rockier and more ear blasting than anything yet!

100%: You’ve been in a band with your brother for 4 years now – do you get on each other’s nerves very often?  I know my brother and I would in about 4 hours!!

October Rage 03

Haha well life is not without it’s interesting moments but I’ve always had a knack for getting along well with my siblings and to call the band a “band of brothers” wouldn’t be too far off. Everyone knows its good team work that is going to see us
through any endeavour we take on.

100%: Your debut album was released in 2011 – have you started writing or even recording the follow up yet?

I can’t say too much yet but I will say that progress has begun… on something…

100%: I believe you’re heading back to The States this week – what’s your touring schedule looking like to kick off the year?

Busy! With lots of travel as is usual for us but being from Australia I’m excited to see much more snow than I’m used to [laughs]

100%: After being on the road old-school style in The States for an extended period, is the whole “touring rock band” thing all that it’s cracked up to be?

It’s a blend of your best fantasy and your worst nightmare all in one, to tell the truth. Sleep is scarce, and stress levels are often high, but it’s 100% worth it in my books.

100%: You must have had a few Spinal Tap experiences by now – any funny stories that you can share?

Sorry, what happens on tour…

October Rage 04

100%: Do you have a theme song on the bus?

Its call-me-maybe by whoever. Shut up.

100%: It’s sad that it’s more practical for a band like October Rage to head to The States rather than build up a following in your home country.  Do you see a time when the music industry will make sense again – decent crowds, revenue for the music that
counters illegal downloading, etc?

I truly hope this will come around again full cycle. Unfortunately Australia is so big compared to the size of its population, even larger bands can have a tough time touring and making enough bucks to make it worth while…

100%: If you could magically go back in time and be a part of the making of ONE album throughout history, which one would you choose?

Probably Appetite for Destruction or one of the Zeppelin records. Or something from Sabbath… Or Deep Purple… Or…

100%: Finally Nick, what for you is the Meaning Of Life?

I’d say there is no meaning. Just head banging [laughs]

100%: Thankyou for your time and good luck in The States!!

No worries mate, thanks for having me!!

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