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| 10 March 2016 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: March 4, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I absolutely love when a band I am not familiar with puts out a collection of songs that hit my ears and make me smile.  The blend of surf, punk, pop, and garage rock that swirls through the twelve tracks on High Waisted’s debut release On Ludlow is fun, exciting, and fresh.  Disc opener “Trust” opens with fuzzy guitars and a solid rhythm section that keeps time perfectly.  Jessica Louise Dye’s vocals jump into the mix and help create a killer sound without being overbearing or controlling.  “Party In The Back” starts off with a bit of punk infused power pop attitude, thanks to the vocals and the great guitar work. The musical vibe of this track suits the lyrics perfectly and builds a fun groove that carries through the track, especially when the guitar solo hits at the bridge.  “Door” has a classic feel to it, thanks to the guitar work from Steven.  The bass and drums are solid and keep the flow of the track.  The wall-of-sound male background vocals at times add depth and a cool twist to the song.  “Hey Hey” brings a simpler sound and feel to the disc.  The guitars on this track are casual, hanging in the background creating a blanket of familiarity with other songs on the collection while the bass and drums keep the flow of the track moving underneath the vocals.  Drums from Jono open “Wail” and the heavy handed drums add punch to the song and accentuate the lower register of Jessica’s vocals on the track.  The guitars and bass come together to form a great backdrop for the vocals and lyrics.  “Nuclear Lover” is an awesome take on the ballad.  The lyrics and matching vocals are heartfelt and sincere, while the guitars pluck out a mild mannered melody to accompany the vocal track.  The rhythm section shines in the background on what is one of my favorite tracks.

“Shithead” has a cool surf-feel to it, but sounds like what I imagine a late 1950’s garage band would sound like, if they were ambitious enough to sing lyrics like “You’re just so stupid, you little son of a bitch.”  The guitar on this track is fun and airy, letting the bass and drums anchor the track.  “Gold Tooth” opens with Jeremy’s chugging bass and grows from there.  Soon the guitars and Dye’s airy vocals bring a lighter feel to the track and collection as a whole.  The song has a great feel at the chorus, thanks to a cool tempo change.  “Shanghai Spy” has that 50’s spy theme sound injected into its DNA, along with a fun surf guitar that builds the sound of the track.  This is a cool take on songs like “Secret Agent Man” from days gone by.  “Detonate” brings an infectious pop sound to the disc, with an anthemic groove woven through the verse and chorus.  The 50’s feel of the music combined with the modern pop flavor of the vocals and a modern twist of guitars at the bridge shows how well the band has mastered the mashup of their different influences and musical loves.  “Maybe Baby” features a kitschy 50’s rock vibe that floats around a pounding drum and thumping bass.  The vocals are perfectly suited for the song and perfectly deliver the emotionally charged lyrics.  Disc closer “Kitchen Safari” takes us out with an instrumental that packs a different punch than just about any track on the disc, but still conforms to the sound and groove the other songs created.  Now if we can get High Waisted out of NY and into Detroit for a show, all will be good, but in the meantime I guess I will have to listen to this and wait to climb on my board…

​Tracklisting: Trust – Party In The Back – Shithead – Door – Gold Tooth – Hey Hey – Shanghai Spy – Wail – Detonate – Nuclear Lover – Maybe Baby – Kitchen Safari






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