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PINK CREAM 69 – Ceremonial

| 4 January 2013 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Records

Release Date: January 22, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I have heard of these guys through the years, but never really took the time to explore their music or form a definitive opinion about them.  That is until I took their newest offering for a spin.  What the hell have I been waiting for?  These guys are melodic rock geniuses.

“Land Of Confusion” kicks this disc off with a cool ceremonial chant, but soon we are treated to a sexy riff and rocking groove.  The vocals are top notch and the band fills in all gaps perfectly.  This is MOR Heaven!  “Wasted Years” has a different vibe and feel compared to the last track, but it is still a great track that kept my foot tapping and left me wanting to hear the next tune.  “Special” is self-describing.  This song adds to the disc, in that it is different yet again from the previous tracks, but is very melodic and full.  The lyrics are anthemic in nature and waiting to be chanted in a live setting.  “Find Your Soul” has a cool tribal groove to the drum track underneath the song.  The vocals are huge and spot on.  This disc gets better with each track.  “The Tide” is a slice of beautiful balladry.  This adds depth to the disc, in that it stretches from the rock pattern established in the first few songs.  Don’t worry, there is still a cool guitar solo here for your listening pleasure.  “Big Machine” comes along and kicks everything into overdrive.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.

“Let The Thunder Roll” is a tempo changing slice of rock goodness.  The music and lyrics play well together, but is redeemed with a rhythmic and riff filled chorus.  “Right From Wrong” is another great rock track that features a great guitar solo and vocals that paint the emotional side of the story for you.  Another ballad style track fills the gap until “I Came To Rock” blares through my speakers.  This is hands down my favorite track.  It tells a story so many of us know and feel – and it does it with every bit of grit and balls we would want our rock story told with.  “King For One Day” is another cool track that brings the disc full circle, with its chill vibe and big melodic feel.  “Superman” brings this disc to its end.  It’s a good track, but not the note I would have ended on.

Pink Cream 69 has been around quite a while.  I recommend that you pick this one up and give them a chance.  If you previously enjoyed the band, this should be more of the same for you.  If you are like me, you will spend the next 20 minutes trying to locate their back catalog.

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