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LIVE – STATIC X – NOISE REVOLUTION TOUR – Flint, MI – October 6, 2012

| 6 December 2012 | Reply

Special Guests: Emmure, Ill Nino, 9 Electric

Venue: The Machine Shop (

City: Flint, Michigan, United States

Date: October 6, 2012

Reviewed by: ToddStar

There are some concerts you want to see and others you need to see.  Static-X promised a show of classics and he had two great known bands in tow along with a good up-and-comer group.

To kick the night off, 9 Electric brought their high energy tunes and stage presence.  The band and its sound was made for this tour.  After meeting the three of the guys on the Ill Nino bus, I went in to check out their show at the urging of Ill Nino bassist Laz (we will get that story later).  I was so impressed, I made my way to the merch stand to purchase their EP before their set was finished.  These guys know what they do well, and stuck with it.  Also, major props to them for using some of my shots after the fact.!i=2134527028&k=LPCjqJT

Then my friends in Ill Nino did what they do best.  They hit the stage, after some great banter not only on the bus, but outside.  It really was a rock and roll night in Flint to hear lead singer Cristian and Machine Shop owner Kevin Zink discuss the time between Ill Nino shows at the Shop.  The band, Cristian, Laz, Dave, Ahrue, Diego, and Daniel, took over and played a solid set that was received well by the crowd.  Even the new stuff went off without a hitch and was loved.  To see these guys back on stage and rocking the tribal beats was fun.  Yep – fun.  It is always a good time when you see guys you know doing what they love.  If this show is any indication, when they hit the tour trail later this year and early in 2013 as headliners supporting their latest, Epidemia, look out – Ill Nino is only getting better and more fine tuned as the years roll on.!i=2134843532&k=Jm6JjHV

Next up, is Emmure – arguably one of the most popular metalcore bands on the road today.  These guys are great musicians who love to play music in front of a crowd.  They take over the Shop as if it is a hometown show and just crush the crowd with a setlist that includes all fan favorites, based on the reaction from the crowd.  The biggest surprise for me regarding these guys was how laid back lead singer Frankie was after the show.  While being introduced to him after their set, he was very cordial and just nice to chat with.  I assumed with the energy he brought to the stage that he would be wired.  The musicianship came across well and the crowd couldn’t get enough.  This tour was a nice primer for the Brothers of Brutality tour with White Chapel and 2013’s The Mosh Lives tour, which will make its way across Europe.!i=2134957787&k=WN4Ks9p

Finally, it was time for the headliner.  Little did the crowd know it at the time, but this was going to be the last show for Wayne and his band on this tour, as they were headed home due to illness.  Wayne, a Michigan native, was enjoying the feel of a home state show.  The crowd fed off of his energy and kept the show’s energy level high.  Bonus for me was running into an old acquaintance  drummer Sean Davidson.  It is always a pleasure when you know Sean is destroying the kit and keeping time for the band.   Wayne plowed through track after track while maintaining his signature appearance – deranged, with a killer hair style and of course the beard.  The band was solid on every track, adding punch to some of the older tracks.  I would love to hear this group rerecord some of the older catalog and see how much energy was added to the collection.  Wayne left nothing to chance, even bringing wife Tera along to entertain the crowd with some dancing to the tracks.  Hopefully after all illnesses are gone, Wayne can take this show back out on the road and entertain his fans.  I know I would be back out there looking to be entertained!!!i=2137667506&k=wRWgR3F

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