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HINDER – Welcome To The Freakshow

| 15 December 2012 | Reply


Label: Republic Records

Release Date: December 4, 2012

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

There are some bands who are good and some that are consistently good.  Then you have a band like Hinder that seems to get better with each release.  My first exposure to the new material was the Bare Bones acoustic tour the band did.  Once I heard the new tracks, I couldn’t wait for the new disc.

“Save Me ” instantly slams you into full rock mode.  The familiar rasp of Austin’s voice over top of the band lets you know immediately that they have come to rock.  Next up is hands down my favorite track on the disc.  “Ladies Come First” has to be one of the sexiest tracks I have heard in a long time.  It isn’t just the lyrics – the groove is so damn erotic.  I can imagine women all over the world picking this to be their spotlight song in the gentleman’s  clubs.  This gem is full of innuendo  but also a ton of direct approach “Let’s Hook Up.”  “Should Have Known Better” is a great ballad, done in true Hinder style.  “Freakshow” kicks in and drive the tempo back up and remind you the band rocks, just before “Talk To Me” takes you on a rocking ballad ride.  Again, Hinder has a style to their ballads that keep them from being too sappy or slow.

Another slow track pads the listener before “Is It Just Me” gives you a new sound from Hinder.  This song has all the familiarity of a great song from these guys, but it also seems different at the same time.  Another slow tempo rocker, “I Don’t Wanna Believe,” is the lighter anthem on the record.  I close my eyes and I imagine an arena full of swaying lighters and cellphones lighting up the place.  This was also co-written by one of my favorite song writers, Richard Marx.  Throwing caution to the wind, the guys throw it back into high gear with “See You In Hell.”  This thing has some of the coolest guitar licks hidden throughout the track.  This is quintessential Hinder doing what they do best.  Disc closer “Wanna Be Rich” doesn’t let up and gets the head banging and toes tapping.  The groove is contagious and fun – just what these guys are known for.

If you get the chance, grab the version with bonus tracks for four full blown acoustic versions of songs on the disc as well as an alternate mix of “Ladies Come First.”  Too bad this dropped in December – would have loved to put this on my Top 25 of 2012 list.  Well, it’s never too early to start 2013’s list!!!


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