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Live – Fear Factory, Perth WA, 30 September 2012

| 3 October 2012 | Reply

The Capitol, Perth WA
Review by Kevin Curran | Photo by Luke Baker

Having seen this band several times over the last ten years with various lineups, one thing that has not changed over the course of time is the loyalty of their Australian fan base, this was evident by the huge line of folks that had gathered all the way up Murray street in anticipation for the one and only Fear Factory! The Capitol was very much at full capacity by the time FF hit the stage, opening the set with “The Industrialist” from their latest offering of the same title, new drummer Mike Heller let the drum triggers run rampant, a trademark of the Fear Factory sound that let everyone know early that these guys meant business tonight from the get go.

No time was wasted as the band went straight into “Shock” “Edgecrusher” and “Smasher Devourer” from their 1998 release “Obsolete”  Frontman Burton C Bell has the most powerful roar vocals this reviewer has witnessed but tonight to be fair his clean vocals early on weren’t at their best but that mattered none as the crowd gave him a hand and sang along to every lyric, at the end of the day this is not Australian Idol its a fucking Metal show!Burton has a great knack for making the crowd feel appreciated without sounding cheesy or cliche, letting everyone know early on his fondness for visiting Perth by sharing a story or two about previous visits. Up next the band went into their 2010 album “Mechanize” with “Power Shifter and “Fear Campaign” which was highlighted with Dino Cazares playing quite possibly the only FF song with a guitar solo in it just to let everyone know he can shred with the best of them if there was any doubt! Up next it was “Linchpin” from 2001’s Digimortal album which got the pit bouncing, proceeded with “Recharger” and “New Messiah” from the latest album.

Burton announced to the crowd that their album “Soul Of a New Machine” was in its 20th Anniversary year, to celebrate the milestone the band “got nostalgic” and played “Martyr” “Scapegoat” and “Self Immolation” from their debut which pleased the old-schoolers in the crowd. It must be said that new bass man Matt DeVries (formerly a guitarist with Chimaira) gives the band great stage energy and musicianship visually the band looked great with him on board.

Every great band has a classic album and for Fear Factory “Demanufacture” is theirs, the band once again thanked everyone for coming out to the show before rewarding them with  “Demanufacture” “Self Bias Resistor” and “Piss Christ” which provided a highlight moment for the night with the crowd singing along with the “where is your savior now” line in full voice. the band wrapped things up with “Zero Signal” and closer “Replica” leaving those in attendance satisfied they had got their money’s worth.

The Industrialist
ShockEdge Crusher
Power Shifter
Fear Campaign
New Messiah
Self Immolation
Self Biased
Piss Christ
Zero Signal

Kevin Curran is the lead singer/guitarist with the band Hailmary.  Check them out here:

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