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KISS – Monster

| 9 October 2012 | Reply

Label: Universal Music Group

Release Date: October 9, 2012

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

How often do you see a progression and regression on the same CD AND see a perfect rating?  Not typical, but then Kiss isn’t your typical band.  The band was adamant about wanting to progress in their sound while keeping the classic Kiss sound intact.  Have they done it?

‘Sonic Boom’ was a solid effort in 2009 from the current lineup that demonstrated the sound the band had and was shooting for.  ‘Monster’ is no exception.  This disc is very prophetic in that it is truly a monster.  Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric have moved the band forward.  The sound is heavy and hits hard, but they make every effort, and succeed, in capturing that classic Kiss sound and feel.  Could any of these songs have been on Destroyer or Love Gun?  Probably not, but these are setting the new standard for what is a Kiss classic.

Opening track, and first single, “Hell Or Hallelujah” tears the roof off and let’s you know the band means business.  “Wall Of Sound” brings the same feeling, just with a heavier bass line.  Of the songs, that is the most noticeable change – Gene seems to be playing with more hunger.  His bass lines stand out and hammer each song.  Paul’s voice is in top form on tracks like “Freak” and “Take Me Down Below.”  The latter track features volleying between Paul and Gene on lead vocals.  It’s good to see them return to this – it worked on great tracks in the past.  Not to mention, the lyrics in the latter are quintessential Kiss lyrics… and don’t miss the solo.

Tommy cranks it up and sings his ass of on “Outta This World.”  This is one of the better tracks written by someone other than Paul or Gene in the last 35 years.  Speaking of Tommy, it is nice to see him keeping the Spaceman legacy intact while making it his own on this disc.  A few of the solos on this disc tip their hat to the past, but in the next breath you are being pulled into 2012.  Eric does what he does best – anchor the band.  There isn’t a better drummer out there today for this brand of in your face rock.  His voice isn’t bad either, as he brings a cool vibe to his track, “All For The Love Of Rock And Roll.”  This has a fun groove to it, and the lyrics tell the tale these guys have been preaching for decades.

This disc is full of great tracks that would stand up against any 2012 release.  More of my personal favorites are “Shout Mercy” and “Eat Your Heart Out.”  Again, the vibe and feel is classic Kiss without being regurgitated chords, solos, and lyrics.  One of the best tracks on the release is the bonus track, “Right Here Right Now.”  This song rocks from intro to the last beat.  The lyrics are on the mark regarding the bands message over the last almost four decades.

Not to mention, if you need a great workout, throw this one on your iPod and take a run – I have never run my morning workout this fast.  These tracks will kick your ass and keep you moving!!!  Thank you Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric for finally delivering that classic Kiss sound by delivering these NEW classics.

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