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GUITAR GODS V – 3 KINGS and 1 QUEEN, Live Fremantle, WA, 29 June 2012

| 3 October 2012 | Reply

The Graham Greene Band, The Jac Dalton Band, Black Steel, The John Meyer Band
Fly By Night Club, Fremantle WA
By Paula Da Horta

It’s an honour to be asked to review Guitar Gods V – 3 Kings and A Queen. I hope to do it some justice.

What can be said about this majestic showcase that any muso in Perth wouldn’t already know or expect of the artists on the bill? Well nothing really.. Other than if you weren’t there then you MISSED a Beautiful Evening of Music.’

First up on this music ride was the Master himself, Mr Graham Greene and his band. Now here is a man who takes you on an instrumental journey. His energy and love of the guitar took us into an instrumental story that left a punter such as myself with a smile from ear to ear, and whispering WOW.

Some might find it difficult to sit through a set where no words are sung but the journey that Graham Greene takes one on is both fulfilling and breathtaking that no words are needed.

Joined on stage by his wife, Perth’s First Lady of Rock, Donna G. The Graham Greene band were led into the only lyrical song of the set, a version of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. The Power, and the Magic on this stage left me and the room in no doubt that the Greene’s are just to G D Good!

Up Next was North Carolina born and raised, Adelaide living, Perth lovin, Jac Dalton and his band. This 7 Piece, Aussie, Pop Rock band featuring the Queen of the night on shared lead Guitar, Annemieke. Considered a pioneer for female guitarists, Annemieke has over 20years experience under her belt and slots right into the Jac Dalton Band. Although I would have loved to have seen her take a bit more of the spotlight on the night, it was still enthralling to see a woman up on stage, and really makes you sit back and enjoy. GIRL POWER!

With the pairing up of the soothing southern tones of Jac Dalton and the Queen of Guitar, Annemieke, throw in the majestic Greene’s on lead guitar and backing vocals, the perfection that is Jim Arwam on bass, Jason Dohrmann on keyboards and Troy Brazier on drums. We were led through a listening pleasure of selected melodies and good Aussie Rock n Roll. Playing his hit ICARUS, and finishing the set with the punchy but cheeky, Locked Cocked and Ready to Rock, the Jac Dalton Band had given us enough foreplay and now we were ready for more. If this is a band that you haven’t seen on their many Perth outings, pencil in July 13th, Pace Rd Tavern.

For me, Guitar Gods, was about seeing the Wiz, live in action. The anticipation of seeing the Wiz was not to dissimilar to the excitement that a child might feel being in a candy shop. I couldn’t wait to see him and he didn’t disappoint! Mr Jamie Page and the boys of Black X hit the stage at full pace and didn’t let up until they left. I was up out of my seat and veered over to the left side of the stage and was glued to watching this artist that I’d heard such grand stories of.

The much awaited presentation of Jamie Page on Lead Guitar, the strong vocals of Matt Williams (Black Steel, Project X), the dirty deep bass tones of Craig Skelton (Stone Circle) and the steady but strong beat at the back by Mr Richard Lovett (Project X). This 4 piece band looked like they’d been together for years. The music was pure Rock n Roll, and we LIKED IT!

The night was Guitar Gods though, and Jamie Page just makes it look so effortless. I mean, the guy goes into a solo, stroked the neck of the guitar and had a cup of tea all at the same time he made it look that damn easy! (ok, so he didn’t have a cup of tea, but such is the passion and the power in Jamie’s playing.)

The guys took as through hits that belonged to Black Steel, Trilogy & Project X and those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to have been around the scene when these songs first came out soon became new fans. Lady Rock herself joined the boys on stage for a version of The Angels, Take a Long Line, and once again the room was left in no doubt that Donna G’s vocals demand respect, Jamie Page and his Guitar skills demand respect and presence of Black X, the band demands respect! Here’s hoping they do another show sooner rather than later!

Any thoughts of “well i’m happy now, i might go” were quickly shut down and my derrière parked back down in my seat as soon as the first note came out of Craig Pinkneys mouth. That man has a set of vocals on him that you can’t ignore and shouldn’t. The John Meyer Band were on and no one was going anywhere. Not knowing a lot about John Meyer,other than he played in Rose Tattoo, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But again I found myself out of my seat and sitting on that side of the stage closest to the 4th Guitar God of the Evening. John Meyer is old school guitar and the way he handles his baby and pulls licks out of it can keep a person mesmerized for hours.

The John Meyer band played a lot of their new music, which was again to the liking of the crowd taking on that rock blues feel of the evening, really made a person proud to be Australian, Good to be Alive and hearing Superb, honest Aussie Music.

Guitar Gods V – 3 Kings & 1 Queen – We watched the Cream of Australian Guitar, they’re right up there with the best in the world. And that’s no Exaggeration!

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