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FnA Records opens the Trick or Treat Bag with 8 new releases… Reach in and grab yourself a handful!!!

| 30 October 2012 | Reply

The first and maybe most appropriate release this Halloween by FnA Records is from the real Hollywood Vampires, Fatal Attraction.  Fatal Attraction was that band on the sunset strip that hard rock fans flocked to, just so they wouldn’t miss the live show.  From the live show entrance of the band emerging from real coffins, to the onstage sacrifice of a virgin, to the mutilation of a preacher’s arm holding a bible, to the ripping out of a girls heart, to tons and tons of fake blood ~ Fatal Attraction was much more than a music show…it was a spectacle.  This is not to diminish the music at all, because the FA’s music could stand shoulder to shoulder with any of their fellow contemporaries on the strip. Formed in 1988, the immortal ones quickly became one of the most respected band on the strip writing and recording an arsenal of tracks. The band started in 1988, and now almost 25 years later, FnA Records releases the bands first official release, Immortal, containing 15 tracks.  Check out the bands new music video at:

The self-proclaimed, although definitely earned, Sleaziest band in L.A. in the late 80’s was Trash Cowboys.  Building on what was known as glam rock, Trash Cowboys helped usher in a new style of glam music called “Sleaze Rock” or “Sleaze Metal”.  Kicked out of almost every club, and often in the middle of their set, the Trash Cowboys would ultimately become infamous.  As word spread, the demand for the cowboys became so big that lines formed outside their shows, shows sold out, and fans would ultimately be turned away.  Management stepped forward, and the Trash Cowboys found themselves as the support band for Motley Crue on a six month overseas tour of pure debauchery and sin.  FnA Records has compiled the bands 3 demos which include the 1987 Lipstick Fix demo, the 1989 Sex Saloon demo, and the 1991 The Good, The Bad, and The Nasty demo to form one hell of a full length album.

Monsterous catchy hooks, crunchy guitar riffs, and sing-along melodies fits Kidd Blue to a “T” – and this along with a stellar live show led to the band becoming one of the most successful bands on the west coast.  Often compared to bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Warrant and countless others, Kidd Blue certainly earned that reputation.  Their professionalism was second to none and their recordings (even though demos) were of the highest caliber.  Despite having released a previous version of their album called Big Trouble, Kidd Blue wanted to release the album in a manner that they could be happy with.  So they teamed up with FnA Records who not only remastered the Big Trouble album, but added six more never-before-released tracks.  Big Trouble – The Expanded Edition features six bonus tracks that are every bit as good if not better than the ten tracks that made up the original Big Trouble release.   This is a must have release for fans of the aforementioned bands or those who loved the first version of the release.

Everyone recalls the hard rock scenes on the west coast and east coast, but the Midwest is often overlooked…until now.  FnA Records is pleased to announce the release of one of Chicago’s finest glam rock pop bands, Gypsy Blue.  With a glossy look and pretty boy image, Gypsy Blue tore up the stages of the Chicago hard rock scene.  Gypsy Blue was a four piece unit that grabbed not only the attention, but the respect from everyone in the Midwest.  Catchy, melodic, sing-a-long songs along with a live show that featured stolen ambulance and police car lights flashing, oversized drum risers, ego ramps and giant strobes, plus smoke… lots and lots of smoke!  Twenty Five years ago there was only a small 3 track cassette demo…now with the support of FnA Records, one of Chicago’s finest prepares to release their first ever full length album, Livin’ In The City.

Another Chicago band joins forces with FnA Records to release their first full length album ever.  No Romeo, splashed onto the Chicago hard rock scene out of nowhere and quickly created a buzz as one of the midwests most energetic and melodic hard rock bands.  The band toured relentlessly around Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, and were luminaries at clubs like the Thirsty Whale, The Avalon Nightclub, and The Gateway Theatre until they picked up and headed to the Sunset Strip where they made the rounds at clubs like The Whiskey A-Go-Go, The Viper Room, The Roxy, and The Troubadour.  Lost Angel In Paradise, the new 12 track album on FnA Records consists of two of No Romeo’s indie demo cassettes plus a handful of live tracks that showcase the bands energetic live show and ends with the obligatory live acoustic ballad, ‘One Of These Days’.

Yep!  FnA Records has taken Chicago by storm!  The third Chicago band seeing their first ever release on FnA Records on October 31, is Stikky Suite – once one of Chicago’s youngest and most heartfelt bands.  Often the go-to band when national acts came through town, Stikky Suite opened for bands like Dangerous Toys, Enuff Z’nuff, and Lillian Axe.  The band had only released a 2 song demo, and had 2 other tracks in reserve and were scratching their heads as to how to make a release out of 4 songs, when FnA Records uncovered another 10 tracks from a rehearsal tape that a fan had.  Now featuring 14 tracks with titles like, “Baby Wants More”, “Blow Me (A Kiss)”, “Heavenly Bodies”, “Hot, Wet, & Wild”, and “Scratch That Itch”, Stikky Suite releases their debut album entitled KICKED OUT OF HEAVEN.

Formed in the late 80’s, No Sympathy was one of those bands on the strip who didnt play by the rules, they set them!  A mix of hardcore glam, sleaze and cock-rock, with a tinge of European Goth and punk, the band strutted up and down the strip making Hollywood take notice.  A bombastic, over-the-top live show paved the way for one of the strips most underrated bands to cause a stir.  Always a little left of center, No Sympathy penned what might simply be some of the best, rarely heard tracks from back in the day.  Twenty plus years later, the band finally sees their material getting a just release on FnA Records with the album DOLLS WITH BALLS.  DOLLS WITH BALLS features six studio recordings and 5 tracks live from the Viper Room.  Check Them out…Do you have the Balls to hang with these Dolls?

Closing out the list of Halloween releases on FnA Records is the solo CD by Michael Ross, lead singer of Gypsy Rose.  While probably most recognized by his songs “Poisoned By Love” and “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Now” that he recorded with his Gene Simmons (KISS) signed band, Gypsy Rose, Michael definitely stands on his own two feet throughout his debut solo release.  Originally released in an extremely limited run, Do I Ever Cross Your Mind, quickly sold through its initial pressing on the heels of extremely well-penned, heartfelt tunes like “I Could Be Good For You”, “Nothing To Lose But Each Other”, and “If Your Love Is Gone”.  With the successful release of a second Gypsy Rose album (Poisoned By Love) on FnA Records, Michael wanted to get his solo material back out to the loyal fans who appreciate his songwriting style and solid lyrical delivery.  Do I Ever Cross Your Mind is available through FnA Records by itself or as part of a package deal with the new Gypsy Rose release!

FnA Records wishes all you hard rock lovers a Happy Halloween.

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