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| 17 October 2012 | Reply

NEW YORK – (October 16, 2012) – Deron Williams, point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, covers the November 2012 issue of The Red Bulletin in a feature titled A Team Grows In Brooklyn. Williams reveals why he opted to follow the Nets in their move to Brooklyn, whether the borough will embrace its new hometown team, and discusses the advantages of playing in New York City versus New Jersey.  Williams also gives The Red Bulletin a behind-the-scenes look at a day-in-the-life in Brooklyn.  From walking the streets of the borough to surprising the locals with a visit to a local court, he shines a light on the city making noise in the NBA world.

The Red Bulletin is a global men’s lifestyle magazine with a distinct offering of action, sports, travel, arts and music stories that young men seek.  The November issue is available in print and via download of the Red Bulletin tablet app through the Apple iTunes StoreGoogle Play and

Issue highlights include a Q&A with Mumford & Sons’ lead singer Marcus Mumford; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush on training; a profile with Staple Designs founder Jeff Ng (a.k.a. jeffstaple); a pictorial from renowned shark photographer Michael Muller; and a look at the newest arrival in Detroit’s art scene, the Red Bull House of Art.

Highlights from the cover feature:

  • Williams, a highly sought-after free agent during the off-season, discusses why he opted to stay with the Nets for their move to Brooklyn: “I think it’s an exciting move, that’s one of the reasons I stayed. The people in Brooklyn are eager and hungry for a team, a winning team. If we start winning, I can be part of something special.”  Discussing one of the advantages of the move: “It was harder to get people to come to New Jersey in free agency. It’s going to be a lot easier to get people to come to Brooklyn.”
  • Williams on whether he thinks his teammates will be living in expensive Manhattan to be closer to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center: “If you’re making the minimum, $20,000 a month, and your rent is $10,000, and you don’t know if you’re going to be here next year, then why would you live in the city?”
  • Williams considers whether the Nets can appeal to the working-class borough where most of the two million plus people have nothing in common with Manhattan’s investment bankers and corporate lawyers: “People are proud of being from Brooklyn. I don’t think we’re going to have a problem selling out the arena. Other people around the NBA are taking notice and want to see what this can be… New York City. There’s no city like it.”

Additional highlights include:

  • Marcus Mumford, leader of acclaimed English folk band Mumford & Sons, reflects on his personal highlight from the last two years – seeing the band’s debut album Sigh No More sell more than 4 million copies worldwide: “There were so many (highlights). We were on stage at the Grammys with Bob Dylan, we played huge festivals. But the best thing is that our new album sounds exactly the way we wanted: It’s very personal to us.” Speaking on why the band uses banjos and not electric guitars: “If you’re looking for session gigs as a guitarist, there’s not much around, because there are so many good guitarists. That’s why we went straight for the banjo: There’s less competition.”
  • Reggie Bush, star running back for The Miami Dolphins, shares his nickname and describes how he trains his body to live up to it: “’BABY MATRIX’ That’s my nickname, because I dodge the defense like Keanu Reeves did bullets. I train my oblique abs for that purpose, with a medicine ball and explosive upper body rotations.”
  • Jeff Ng, better known as street culture style designer jeffstaple, discusses why he felt pigeons best represent his brand, New York City, and every city around the world: “The pigeon is our mascot. It’s our icon. And now it’s our registered trademark. And actually the pigeon poop, too. I have a document from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with just a splat of pigeon shit in the middle of it.” He goes on: “They have a weird urbanite quality to them – they’re not really birds. They’re like city people. It’s kind of weird and cool at the same time to me. They’re pests to most other people… Everyone placed it as their own mascot.”
  • Michael Muller, a renowned shark photographer who has developed a specialized lighting system for underwater photo shoots, recalls his first encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Mexico: “I was standing on the boat, very early in the morning. The shark rocketed to the surface from out of the dark. He was big, like a car with teeth. Fear, excitement, more than one adrenaline rush. Afterward, I knew I couldn’t do without it.” Discussing his close-up shark photographing technique: “You have to look them straight in the eye and touch their nose and mouth with the camera. That irritates them. Then you’re safe.”
  • Matt Eaton, curator of the new Red Bull House of Art in Detroit (a combination workspace and art gallery designed to inspire and energize the local art scene), on why the city is ideal for such a space: “Detroit has such a rich history of artistic freedom and creation, from Motown to techno to industrial design… It’s more than exploring the local talent pool that doesn’t get accolades and recognition. It’s about finding people who have inspired others to do what they do, having people involved and passionate about making art and giving them the opportunity to work in the studio with like-minded people.”

About Red Bull Media House: Red Bull Media House is a global media company that creates innovative sports, culture and lifestyle programming and distributes it across multiple platforms. From film to television, print to digital and games, Red Bull Media House content is optimized for any device or platform. For more information, go to The Red Bulletin, available globally in Spanish, English, German and French, captures stories from the playgrounds of sports, culture, entertainment and exploration. For more adventure, please visit

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