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| 12 September 2012 | Reply

Teepee Records, 2011
By Shane Pinnegar

What kind of madness is this? The best possible kind, if you’re a guitar riff kind of person! The Atomic Bitchwax weighs in with a fifth full length album comprising only one song – 42 minutes long, completely instrumental, and comprised of 50 distinct guitar riffs.

Glorious in its single mindedness, “The Local Fuzz” is a riff-head’s wet dream, a lysergic descent into madness where classic rock, boogie, stoner metal and Parliament-styled funk rule the roost.

Chris Kosnik, Finn Ryan and Bob Pantella all bring their previous bands influences to the mix (Godspeed, Monster Magnet & Core), and these different ingredients swirl and writhe around each other in intoxicating fashion.

Sure, there’s some riffs you’d want expanded and fleshed out into full songs, but with an average of more than one riff per minute, that misses the point of the exercise, which is a brilliantly structured riff-fest that rocks and throbs from start to finish.

What I’d give to see and hear this played live! EPIC!!

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