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Stellar Revival – Love, Lust, And Bad Company

| 16 September 2012 | 1 Reply

Label: Capitol Records

Release Date: January 22, 2013 – yes 2013… we got the inside scoop!!!

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Every once in a while a new band jumps up out of nowhere, grabs me by the shoulders, and shakes me like there is no tomorrow. Stellar Revival is one of those bands. These guys took their vision to the streets with this disc, and it is chock full of big choruses, delicious guitar riffs, and a killer rock party vibe.

“The Crazy Ones” kicks this disc off and what a kick it is. The songs oozes anthem. The guitars are soaring and the vocals, including gang background vocals, are monstrous. This is the way all new bands should rock! “Watch You Walk Away” initially slows the pace a little from the last track, but with its chugging rhythm section and fiery guitar riffs, it accelerates and maintains its rock status. “Saving Grace” starts off and you just get the feeling you are getting the first ballad of the disc, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. This song brings its game and keeps the rock groove completely intact. “Heart To Stone” is the first song that doesn’t grab me from the start. It is a good tune, just not a kick start feeling. The lyrics are heartfelt, the vocals are sincere, and the musicianship is really good, but it just isn’t as rocking as the band led us with on the previous tracks.

“Love, Lust, And Bad Company” throws this one into overdrive. The vocals (lead and background) are crazy good, the guitars are spectacular, and the drumming here really stands out. This is rock ‘n’ roll done right. I hate driving to this one, because I know that speeding ticket is only around the corner. “Cross Your Heart” is another strong ballad in the vein of “Saving Grace,” except this one really keeps the energy up. I would love to see the venue when these guys play this song – as I listen, I can see arms outstretched with lighters ablaze swaying to the song. Think cheesy ’80s glam ballad, only better. “The Bottom Line” is another rocker, but in a different vibe as the previous tracks. This has a very sexy bass line that screams for your libido to pay attention. Again, these guys seem to have found the formula for a great rock song, while sounding different. “Hungover You” is an acoustic rocker, which is not to say it is a ballad. It is, but the acoustic vibe makes it different somehow. Again, this tune has the makings of a hit, regardless of its slowed down pace.

“Edge Of A Dream,” like other tracks that have followed ballad on this disc, really steps it back up. The rhythm is catchy, almost addictive. This would be a great tune to break open a show after playing a couple ballads back to back. “England’s Best” has a cool vibe to it. This track features a very sing-along style chorus and large background vocals. The track really helps lead this disc to an end. “Shattered,” a very delicate ballad, drives this disc home. This is a great ballad that features a killer lead vocal, a beautiful piano piece, and some well-placed orchestration. I can only hope any other ballads Stellar Revival throw at us in the future are put together this well. Normally I wouldn’t place something so mellow at the end of a disc, but it totally works here.

Wow – had never heard of them when I got this one, but so glad I now know of them. I would recommend this disc to rockers and mellow music lovers both, as the rockers are good solid rock, no screaming, no bumblebee guitar work, but the ballads maintain the bands rocker image for the most part.

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