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Sugar Red Drive – A Story Of Signs

| 16 September 2012 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: 2012

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I am usually weary of unsigned bands, as you never know what you are going to get.  It seems anyone with a Mac and an instrument these days can write, record, and press discs.  That being said, I popped in the latest from Sugar Red Drive.  This trio really has their shit together.  This disc rocks – I cannot wait until they take this thing out on a tour and bring themselves to Detroit.

“Comin Down” opens with a chugging guitar and riff that gets you excited about a guitar driven album again.  The vocals chime in and add to the party.  These guys kick the door open and are looking to rock you.  “500 Miles” is a great anthem-style song about the morning after partying a little too hard.  The guitar and drums work well here and keep the energy up.  “No Apologies” slows the pace a bit, but not at the expense of a good song.  This track is powerful in its simplicity.  The chorus kicks in and you know you are still dealing with a great rock band who appreciates their predecessors.  This has all the workings of a great ballad.  “Overdrive” brings the energy and instantly gets the head banging and foot tapping.  The guitar riff is light and poppy, but really works within the framework of this song.  The vocals are strong and guide this song.

“Marching Man” is another really good tune that doesn’t rely on volume, but rather on strong lyrics and vocals that bring across the passion of the song.  It is so rare to find a song about soldiers and war that break it down to simple emotions without anger and hatred.  Well done guys.  “Water N Wine” isn’t a bad track; it just doesn’t seem to fit this record.  The guitar work is really good, the vocals strong, and the rhythm section is solid.  The vibe of the tune just doesn’t flow for me with the rest of the disc.  “Pretty Lil Lady” turns the knob back up and gets this record back on track.  The guitars and drums give the song that garage band feel, which is a good thing.  Too many bands overproduce stuff to the point of overkill.  Again, these guys get it.  “One More Time” has a very cool intro that highlights the bass and then levels out with killer vocals.  This song ranks with the first two tracks as favorites of mine on this album.  Not sure why, but I see this song coming across killer live as an acoustic track.  I think the structure lends itself to that.

“Jaded” is another track that is dying to be performed live due to its high energy and good-time vibe.  The song blends well with the rest of the disc without sounding rehashed.  “Grace” starts off with a great riff and only gets better from there.  The song is clearly a ballad in disguise.  The drumming here is great and adds to the rhythm of the track.  Much like “One More Time,” I see this one coming off well acoustically.  I would love to hear the guitar solo strummed out on an acoustic.  “Harder To Smile” picks up where the previous track left off, but not as strong.  This is a good track, but not great – I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe if the tracking was different and this wasn’t placed after such a strong track.  “Millers Daughter” is the final listed track and finishes off with an acoustic track that encompasses the different vibes created across this disc.  It rocks without cranking up the dials.  The addition of orchestral accompaniment adds a nice touch.  I will let the bonus track be a total surprise for all of you, but don’t skip this rocker!!!

Where have you guys been?  Sugar Red Drive is here to let us all know that guitar driven music is not dead.  Thanks for carrying that flag guys… we needed someone to do it!

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