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| 10 September 2012 | Reply

OSLO, Norway – Avant garde/industrial/metal musical act Mortiis has teamed up with Norwegian filmmaker Reinert Kiil for a mind-blowing film short, “Vardøger” including “Geisteskrank” by Mortiis, which will debut at the BUT film festival in Breda, The Netherlands, on September 8.

Its debut will be followed by a showing at Oslo’s Fright Fest on September 22.

“Vardøger” will be shown in conjunction with Kiil’s full-length films, “Hora” and “Inside the Whore.” This is Kiil’s first musical collaboration.

Kiil and Mortiis initially connected through Mortiis’ guitarist, Levi Gawron, also film-industry colleague of Kiil.

“I really love Mortiis’ work,” Kiil said. “The collaboration started with me writing a script for a story around my deepest demons, all the while listening to old tracks from Mortiis. I sent the script to Levi and he liked it. We talked many times and made the script more personal for me, as well as for Mortiis. I think the result is a film that expresses the essence of me and Mortiis all in one package.”

Said Gawron: “We connected early on in the Norwegian film industry because we share the same views and interest in films. I guess we both like weird and twisted things! We have played around with this idea for some time now. The idea was that he would make a music video for us, but as the project evolved it became a collaboration where he stood for the visual and we for the music. The idea is to share fans.”

Kiil is a director specializing in “shock” films. In addition to “Hora” and “Inside the Whore,” Kiil has directed the films “Inside the Mind of a Splatter Director” and “Or to be Famous.”

Kiil’s twisted approach was a perfect fit for Mortiis’ brand of crossover industrial/rock. “We always said we’d be interested in providing the music as long as we liked the footage,” said Mortiis, founder and namesake of the band. “We thought the song and tempo of the song fit the mood of Reinert´s mini – slow heavy and foreboding. ‘Geisteskrank’ is not actually an album track per se, which would have made more sense commercially, but that song worked out better than anything else.”

“Geisteskrank” was created during the “The Great Deceiver” sessions.

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