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CHAINSAW HOOKERS CD Launch – The Rocket Room, Perth – 20 April, 2012

| 14 September 2012 | Reply

With Silver Lizard, The Decline, Blazin’ Entrails, Leeches! And Wizard Sleeve
By Shane Pinnegar

CHAINSAW HOOKERS have taken their sweet time to get around to the release of their debut, self-titled album. Gigging around Perth and the rest of the country for around nine years already, they have amassed an arsenal of strong songs, a style they can proudly call their own, and a brute force that hardcore and metal bands the world over would give their left leg for.

Public transport and school holiday sleepover obligations conspired to keep this reviewer away from WIZARD SLEEVE and LEECHES! sets, though the word on the streets was that both bands rocked hard and won fans.

I did arrive in plenty of time to catch psychobilly favourites BLAZIN’ ENTRAILS – and blaze they did, nailing their set as they galloped through an intense 30 minutes of old favourites with the Hookers’ Nathan filling in on the drum kit, culminating with a wild workout from another Hooker, Alex on guitar to close the set.

SILVER LIZARD deftly med hard rock & metal riffing, punk rawness and funky grooves in a hitherto unknown way – it’s a bit mind boggling, a bit confronting and very, very interesting. What matters most is that The Lizard – who call Bunbury their home town – won fans and impressed the packed Rocket Room tonight.

Nothing was gonna overshadow the mighty CHAINSAW HOOKERS though – this was their night, and the relentless gigging and touring they’ve undertaken in the past few years has moulded them into a super-tight unit.

Taking the stage much like the Germans took France in 1940, the ‘Hookers throw up a glorious wall of cohesive sound that slices through the moshpit. My Revenge and Party Man are as brutal, raucous and catchy as any hardcore or metal band you’d care to mention, and the crowd go completely apeshit in return.

Guitarist Jon Russo reckons Blood Moon Rising is a ballad by the ‘Hooker’s standards – I don’t know that I’d call it a ballad exactly, but it does have a slower groove to it, and is more haunting and ethereal than much of their more bludgeoning material.

Tearing through album tracks Satanicus Pandemonium, Texas Is Hell and more, it’s clear that CHAINSAW HOOKERS are a world class band on the verge of breaking through – if they can find a way (ie the budget) to sieze this moment, they should have little trouble finding an eager international market for their horror movie influenced punk rock.

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