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KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Money, Sex & Power CD

| 10 September 2012 | Reply

By Shane Pinnegar

Kissin’ Dynamite, hailing from Germany’s Swabia (near Bavaria), prove my theory that what I called “Metal” back in my teens in the early Eighties has little to do with what passes for Metal nowadays.

Ferociously combining a sleaze rock look and attitude with old school Teutonic metal violence and force, Kissin’ Dynamite have carved a mightily heavy rock/metal hybrid.

The title track could almost be Reckless Love duetting with Accept, and that pretty much sets the tone stylistically for this album. Featuring an abundance of hooks, double kick drums, rip-roaring solos and riffs as fat as Oprah on the tail end of a 3 month cake and beer binge, they deliver the best of both camps: all the flash, style, glam and singalongability of the best sleaze rockers with the leather and studs riff frenzy of metal.

This is one bunch of rockers who have managed to successfully straddle two genres of heavy rock and ride the buckin’ bronco all the way, calling to mind the heavy metal pioneers of the early Eighties – Accept, Raven, Anvil et al – bands who never had a problem melding melody and hooks with sonic power and mighty riffs, not to mention football-terrace singalong choruses.

Thankfully Kissin’ Dynamite feel no compulsion to go all nu-metal, mathcore, or folk-metal on us – I Will Be King is an early contender for metal song of the year, and along with Operation Supernova are impossible not to chant along to. Sex Is War is a masterclass in making an immense song sound simple and easy, and whilst worshipping dead rock icons through Club 27 they are reminiscent of a far heavier WigWam.

“Money, Sex & Power” features a great, meaty production courtesy of Albi Albertson – each song sounds as relentless as the last, and despite a couple of clichés here and there (Dinosaurs Are Still Alive’s lyrics are as trite as it’s simplistic chorus), the end result is pretty epic.

Sleaze Deluxe and Ego Shooter are two more hook-filled heavy rockers, and the semi-acoustic album closer Six Feet Under injects a little swing into the sleazy metal onslaught.

“Money, Sex & Power” proves to be no “Difficult third album” for Kissin’ Dynamite, and should be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection!

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