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| 26 September 2012 | Reply

By Shane Pinnegar

REVERSE GRIP hail from Canada’s chilly Toronto – three brothers plus one, full of energy and rock and – when I spoke with them down the line from Japan this week – possibly more than a little sake!

Talking with the Broda brothers [Dylan on the drumkit, Dru on vocals and youngest brother Sean on guitar] and bassist Kramer is a little chaotic to say the least – like any family they tease good naturedly and jostle for the best spot to answer from.  Not exactly trying to outdo each other… but not exactly not either.

Their energy and enthusiasm, as well as the ease with which they get along (even two weeks into their Japanese tour), bodes very well for Australian audiences – from all reports the Japanese are flocking to their shows in droves and loving their unique brand of sleazy, good-times rock n’ f’n roll, and when they start their tour Down Under at Perth’s Rocket Room on Friday October 5th they should be at the top of their game.

Don’t miss ’em!

So – first up, you’re heading Down Under – why did you choose Japan and Australia for your first International tour when you could have easily just driven south and done America, or headed to Europe?

Dylan- it was always a dream of ours, from when we were little kids growing up in Canada. All of our favourite bands have played Japan and have become loved by the amazing people here!

Sean- We have had a good demand from Fans to go Down Under and do an Aussie tour! There is really no market for real Rock n’ Roll in Canada.  Australia has amazing Rock n’ Roll.  Always has and always will!

Dru- We wanted to do something BIG. We want everyone to know we are not fucking around here. We are doing this on our own dime and are acting as our own management team. We want people to see our commitment to Rock!

What are you most looking forward to doing while you’re in Australia?

Dru – I’m looking forward to the Surf and meeting up with old mates! When I lived in Bondi I was a total beach bum.

Dylan- I just want to give the Aussies a taste of good, shit crazy, raw, Canadian Sleazy Rock!

Kramer- Attempt to surf!

Self financing a tour this extensive, in a day and age when most bands really struggle to stay afloat, is a really brave thing to do.  Are you confident that you’ll spread the gospel of Reverse Grip, or is it more of a working holiday?

Dylan – This ain’t no vacation! Let me tell you. Like Dru said, we ain’t fuckin’ around. We all believe in this 100%. We are seeing Reverse Grip catch on in Japan with our own eyes. We can not fail!

You’re midway through your Japanese tour right now – how is that going?

Sean – It’s getting hard to know what day it is and what city we are in. It’s all blurring together! Big after parties followed by after, after parties! The Japanese know how to treat people! The fans are fucking crazy and by the end of the set they are singing along with us!

Kramer – The girls are adorable and sushi at 7/11 is key.

Dylan – I love how the toilets have ass showers! So clean!

We’ve all seen videos of Japanese fans going off at rock gigs – have you had that level of adulation and crazyness?

Dru – Oh yeah! What amazing crowds. Everyone is there from start to finish. Everyone wants to have a good time and be a part of the show. By the end of the set they know the words and they are screamin’ for encores!

So you’ll be heading back there next year to headline Budokan…?

All four – FUCKIN’ EH!!!

Three brothers form a band… are you best friends?  There must be sibling rivalry and fights, especially when touring?

Kramer – imagine being the only one who’s not a brother!

Sean – Grow up Kramer…

Dylan – Ya. Sometimes I feel like I’m their fucking Father! But really, I think it’s the best combo for us.

Dru – We can tell each other to shut up and piss off, and it’s all good ‘cos at the end of the day, we are still Brothers.

How did you hook up with (bassist) Kramer?

Kramer – I replied to an online ad,  and I wanted the opportunity to see the world with a kick ass rock band.

Sean – He was the only guy bitchin’ enough for the job!   He also actually learned the songs for the audition!

Was it coincidence that the three brothers came out playing different instruments – it might not have turned out so well had you all been drummers…?

Dylan – I always wanted to play the drums. Ever since I can remember and forced myself into lessons at 10 years old. For some unknown reason Sean wanted to play Guitar at age 9.

Sean – The only reason I can think of why I wanted to learn guitar was watching my Dad play and just wanting to be able to do that.

Dru – I think it all just worked out! Strange but I guess we’re lucky!

Can you tell us a little about the history of the band please…?

Dru – The band started out in Australia, in Surfers Paradise. Sean had bought some shitty second hand Les Paul knockoff and brought it over to my apartment. We would jam out and write tunes, and they weren’t bad!  It took us some time to get Dylan on board, but when we did, everything clicked and here we are… in Osaka Japan, drinking sake, doing an interview with a killer Aussie Rock mag!

You mention living in Surfer’s Paradise – when was that?

Sean – I went to Australia in February 08. I was there for teachers college in Coolangatta, Southern Cross University.  Dru came in June, lived in Surfers working at Melbas restaurant. He moved down to Broad Beach with some buddies for a while and was there total about a year.

Dru – I also lived in a small town close to Melbourne call Deniliquin and in Bondi Beach for about 3 months! Can’t wait to get back Down Under!!

Listening to your debut EP and the new album, its pretty obvious that your influences revolve around the Guns n’ Roses/Motley Crue era of big haired rock.  Can you each tell us a guilty pleasure in your collection that might not be so obvious?

Sean – PSY… Gangnam Style. God I love that dance!

Kramer – how is Gangnam Style Guilty??

Dru – Notorious B.I.G. , favourite song is “Dead Wrong” – ‘shits hardcore.

Dylan – Weird Al Yankovich. He’s a God!

What would you say to potential concert goers in Australia that may not have heard your music, to get them to come along to your Aussie shows?

Sean – If you want to see a blistering, in your face, energy packed, Rock n’ Roll show that will make you rethink the purpose of life… Get to an Reverse Grip show!

I believe that while you’re in the country, you’re going to be doing it backpacker style – living out of a campervan, driving across the country… do you actually know how BIG Australia is?!?

Dylan – Not as big as Canada! And I’ve been from one coast to the next many times!  I can’t wait to see the Aussie countryside! Saskatchewan doesn’t have a hot beach on the ocean. Bring it on!

How widely have you toured in Canada?

Dru – Reverse Grip hasn’t gotten to make the trek across Canada just yet. Really, the market for our brand of Rock isn’t big there. Dylan has toured a bunch in Canada and the states and reports back to us that we gotta take the world on first!

Do you each recall the pivotal moment when you knew you wanted to pursue being a musician?  What was your major influence at that time?

Kramer – I was sitting on the can in Japan, getting my ass cleaned out when I realized… Why have one Asian hooker, when you can have two… For free !

Sean – when I got home from Oz in 2008 and started working a real job as a teacher I knew it wasn’t for me… It’s a great job and I really like it, but it made me realise that life is nothing without a passion and making a living doing what you really love.

Dylan – The day I took my first lesson. This was going to be how I see the world.

Dru – The first time I saw a video of GNR, Axl dove off the stage to beat some dude in the crowd. I could see myself doing that. No problem!

Finally guys – what for you is the meaning of life?

Kramer – Live Fast Die Young.

Dylan – Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light.

Dru – If you are always waiting on others, they decide your fate.

Sean – Grip it and Rip it until you die.

Thanks for your time – see you soon!!!

Reverse Grip – [screaming] ROCK N ROLL!!!

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