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| 27 September 2012 | Reply

Label: Rawkuss Records
Date: September 2012
By Shane Pinnegar

Like a Mad Max Interceptor bursting out of the horizon and bearing down on you with the glare of the outback sun melting your eyeballs as you know you’re about to die in a horrible, twisted metal carnage, so DESTROY SHE SAID’s debut album Down To Dirty erupts from your speakers with molten riffs, supercharged attitude and a quintessential Australiana that is – like the best of us – as in-your-face confronting as it is endearing.

No mercy is offered from opener Overrated through ten red hot, heavy as fuck, modern Oz rock classics.  Sleazy characters come as thick and fast as killer riffs – from Overrated’s “medicated drama queen in an overrated social scene” through Hookers Don’t Kiss’s “sweet little thing, smelt just like a flower” to the eighties model/stripper of Drivin’ Machine – saints they ain’t, but great songs one and all they do make!

There’s an admitted AC/DC-Angels-Rose Tattoo feel to the bedrock of a few of these mighty behemoths, notably the charming Sunday School tale Squirter!  There’s also a lot more going on here than any of the thousand mere Accadacca copy bands can lay claim to – all the famous elements are here (metronome like drumming, killer riffs, frenzied solos, gravel throated singer) but there’s MORE.

For starters, the weight of Dave Walker and Youngy’s riffs – this shit is heavy, man!
Simon McCullough’s vocals resemble Bon Scott’s larynx being flayed alive with a sandpaper and gravel dermabrasion treatment, while Scampers and Greg Aldridge weigh in with some mighty rhythm section work on bass and drums respectively.

What puts Down To Dirty ahead of the pack though is the sheer originality of the band.  Yeah there’s an Aussie pub rock sound going on at its core – but what you can hear is all DESTROY SHE SAID:  a unique blend of different influences and tastes, a unique sound made by five guys melding into something greater than the sum of their parts.

As further evidence that these guys think out of the box and are doing something truly unique, they have a limited edition rock box offer when you purchase the album from their website which comes with a CD in a lavish cardboard box, guitar picks, a making of the album DVD, No Church poster and more.  It’s a classy gamble that speaks volumes of their inventiveness and determination not only to make it, but to reward their loyal fans with something special.

Destroy She Said fucken rock, man.  Fire up your own turbocharged, fuel injected Interceptor and go pick your copy of Down To Dirty up right now.

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