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Comedy: David Strassman – Careful What You Wish For, live in Perth 15th June 2012

| 3 September 2012 | Reply

David Strassman – Careful What You Wish For
Regal Theatre, Perth
15 June 2012

By Shane Pinnegar

To call David Strassman a ventriloquist seems to rather understate the case – the man is a genius comedy writer, master of the absurd, amazing ventriloquist and animatronics expert, and his latest show weaves a complex story of alternate realities, wish fulfillment and more together with his trademark puppets, robotic characters, manic energy and a lot of laughs – a LOT of laughs!

His most famous characters Chuck and Ted E Bare (plush Ted E Bares were selling like hotcakes in the foyer, along with Strassman’s DVDs) get the most stage time, but there are plenty of others to divert the attention, and how Strassman manages to throw all these different voices for a couple of hours, especially during a tour de force climactic scene where he and 6 or 7 of his characters all engage in a fast paced debate is just astonishing.

It’s risque in parts, but seeing and hearing cute puppets swear and talk about sex is part of the fun and there are plenty of charming – even touching – moments throughout the show. I was expecting a dude with his hand up the back of a doll sitting on a chair – what I got was an ambitious and brilliantly concieved show with a truly interesting storyline, plenty of laughs, some very accomplished ventriloquism and a fantastic night out.

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